Alumni Networking & Events

ProFellow’s International Fellows Network organizes social events to provide the opportunity for current and former fellows to meet and network across programs and disciplines. The International Fellows Network is a growing professional organization of more than 2,000 current and former fellows from all over the world. Our popular Esteemed Fellows Dinners, begun in 2012, are social small-group dinners held regularly in San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York City and Berlin, Germany. Organizations such as Stanford University’s Haas Center for Public Service have also sponsored special events to provide aspiring fellows the opportunity to meet current and former fellows. 

Upcoming Alumni Networking Events:


Upcoming events

International Fellows Dinner, San Francisco, April 16, 2019

International Fellows Dinner, Washington, DC, April 25, 2019


If you are a current or former fellow and would like to participate, please contact us for more information.

Previous Events:

Fellows Dinner, November 2018, sponsored by Stanford’s HAAS Center for Public Service

International Fellows Network dinner, San Francisco, March 2018

Joint Dinner with New Leaders Council, Washington, DC, May 2017

Joint Dinner with Kiva Fellows, San Francisco, May 2017

Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany, December 2016

New York City, November 17, 2016

Washington, DC, November 15, 2016

San Francisco, October 22, 2016

New York City, May 23, 2016

Washington, DC, May 18, 2016

San Francisco, May 17, 2016

Washington, DC, April 22, 2015

San Francisco, April 15, 2015

Stammtisch with EcoScholars in Berlin, Germany November 19, 2014

San Francisco, November 19, 2014

Washington, DC, October 9, 2014, sponsored by Cultural Vistas

San Francisco, July 13, 2014

San Francisco, June 1, 2014

San Francisco, March 9, 2014

San Francisco, January 26, 2014

New York City, November 12, 2013, sponsored by Cultural Vistas

San Francisco, October 27, 2013

Berlin, Germany, October 12, 2013

New York City, October 8, 2013

Washington, DC, September 25, 2013

Stanford University, September 19, 2013, sponsored by Stanford’s HAAS Center for Public Service

San Francisco, July 21, 2013

San Francisco, June 2, 2013

Washington, DC, April 23, 2013

San Francisco, March 3, 2013

San Francisco, January 15, 2013

San Francisco, December 11, 2012

Washington, DC, October 4, 2012



We held our inaugural Esteemed Fellows Dinner in Washington, DC on October 4, 2012. Fellowship alumni from a variety of programs and disciplines attended, including White House Fellows, Fulbright Fellows, New York City Urban Fellows, German Chancellor Fellows, Watson Fellows, Fogarty Fellows, and Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellows, among others. This opportunity provided cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas and professional contacts.