Apply Now for the 2022 Urban Leaders Fellowship: Transform Your Community Through People, Partnerships, and Policy

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A ULF FELLOW? The Urban Leaders Fellowship is a paid summer fellowship that recruits the best and brightest for an intensive, seven-week experience in ten premier cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, MO, Nashville, New Orleans, Oakland, Tulsa, and  Washington D.C.

DURING THE FELLOWSHIP, our fellows spend half of their time researching

and writing critical policy proposals for a partner elected official, supporting the elected official’s development of high-quality legislation.

TO IMPACT REAL AND LASTING CHANGE, smart policy is not enough, our fellows spend the other half of their time working with an innovative partner organization, from non-profits to tech startups, committed to social justice & community impact.

DEVELOPING FUTURE LEADERS is at the heart of ULF.  Throughout the fellowship, we will work with you to identify the right career path, connect you with leaders in the field, and provide leadership coaching, career coaching, and ongoing support even after the fellowship ends.

Fellows work on a range of issues from education and economic development to budget decisions, criminal justice reform, and much more. Below you’ll find a Summer Report on each of the 10 ULF regions. Each Report is a deeper dive into the Policies and Partner Organizations from 2020-2021. 

Atlanta| Dallas | Denver | Indianapolis | Kansas City Missouri | Nashville | New Orleans | Oakland | Tulsa | Washington DC

Click HERE to hear from our alumni, elected officials, and partnering organizations!

Potential applicants interested in learning more about how to apply for this paid summer fellowship are invited to attend our free webinars.

Upcoming Applicant Webinar Date: February 16

Application Deadline: March 20, 2022 

To learn more visit: 

Applications have been extended to midnight Central Standard Time Sunday, March 20, 2022. Applicants may now submit previously written policy memos or coursework papers that are related to the following topics: climate change, DNA collection/justice reform, and or educational equity. Papers must be double spaced in Times New Roman Font and no more than 3 pages in length.

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