Apply Now for the Visiting Lecturer Diversity Fellowship at the Community College of Philadelphia

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Apply Now for the Visiting Lecturer Diversity Fellowship at the Community College of Philadelphia

Sponsored by the Community College of Philadelphia

The Community College of Philadelphia is offering Diversity Fellowship Opportunities for Criminal Justice, Foundational Math, or Business Leadership degree holders.

The Visiting Lecturer Diversity Fellowship is a paid academic-year full-time fellowship which offers a unique opportunity for individuals from historically underrepresented groups to gain valuable teaching experience, benefit from intentional mentorship, and raise their college profile.

The program’s primary objective is to increase diversity within academic departments at the College, consistent with the mission, goals, and core values of Community College of Philadelphia by providing experiential opportunities for prospective future faculty.  The DFP for 2019-2020 will begin in Fall 2019 in three areas, Business Leadership, Criminal Justice and Foundational Mathematics.

Our mission is to prepare and support the next generation of visionary educators from underrepresented backgrounds to begin a long-time career and leadership trajectory in higher education.

We provide experienced adjuncts, new-to-the profession, and recent graduate students with long-term support to secure a position as a college professor, and eventually move into faculty leadership roles.

What we provide: 

  • A year-long Visiting Lecturer teaching position that includes a salary and full benefits
  • Upon successful completion of the fellowship, a guaranteed interview for a future full-time position  within your discipline
  • Assistance in securing a full-time teaching position such as independent and group coaching sessions, practice and preparation meetings.
  • Opportunity to create and develop a project that addresses a diversity, inclusion, or equity concern
  • Intentional mentoring, support, feedback
  • Training on all course management systems
  • Networking opportunities, support, and access to dedicated professionals at CCP

Required Materials

Each candidate must submit an application, resume, cover letter, and three professional references. Additionally, candidates must submit a short 500-700 word response to the following question:  In what ways has your research, professional experience, or teaching experience informed your work with diversity and equity?  

Deadline to Apply: July 10th, 2019

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