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Jun 03, 2024

The future is written in policy. Explore graduate public service fellowships at Duke!

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The Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University offers master’s programs integrating classroom instruction and hands-on experience with leading experts and practitioners. At the Sanford School, you’ll join a diverse cohort of global peers dedicated to effecting real change.

With a Master of Public Policy (MPP) or a mid-career Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) degree, we deliver the skills to utilize evidence-based methodologies and rigorous analysis, coupled with ethical and inclusive leadership techniques, to propel your career forward.

Merit-based scholarships and fellowships, both full and partial, are available to highly qualified students.

Sanford School fellowships:


The Ladd Fellowship is awarded to top MPP applicants with a strong background and interest in education.

The recipient will be awarded the full cost of tuition, along with a generous living stipend. In addition to the standard MPP application, applicants should prepare a brief statement detailing your interest in the Ladd Fellowship and how it will benefit you, including previous education policy experience, key areas or topics of interest, and future professional goals and direction.


The Yesil Fellowship is awarded to students interested in sustainable development, nation building, or conflict resolution in Armenia and/or the surrounding region. Recipients may receive full or partial tuition fellowships.

All MIDP applicants are considered for this fellowship based on materials included in their application. MPP applicants must upload a separate statement describing their interest in Armenia or the surrounding region and their professional goals.


The Sanford Family Fellowship honors MPP student leaders with outstanding commitments to addressing public policy disparities affecting predominantly underserved communities. This prestigious MPP fellowship covers full tuition and mandatory fees and includes a living stipend. Students will be considered based on their academic credentials and demonstrated interest in focusing on challenges that underserved communities face in contemporary society.


The Eva Staton Scholarship is for MIDP students from and committed to the development of the Latin America and Caribbean Region. All MIDP students are considered for this scholarship based on materials included in their applications.

Altogether, MPP and MIDP applicants can access over 20 Sanford School fellowships based on their regional focus, country of origin, or demonstrated impact in public service and policy. Duke University and external fellowships are also available.

Applications open August 15, 2024

Deadline to apply: January 5, 2025

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