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Are you working towards a more equal world? Do you want to learn from scholars, innovators, activists and social change organisations, and the latest academic research and expert insights on inequalities? Are you ready to join forces with a lifelong community of people who are working to build a fairer world? 

What is the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme? 

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) programme is an innovative fully-funded fellowship based at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science in London (LSE) in the United Kingdom. The programme is aimed at mid-career social change leaders, from diverse countries and contexts, who are working to challenge inequality and who believe inequality can be defeated. We are now recruiting 18 Fellows for 2023-24, our seventh fellowship year, with an application deadline of 12 January 2023.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity program has two different tracks: Residential and Non-Residential. Fellows on the Residential track undertake the MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE, as well as participate in the programme’s bespoke modules over the course of the year. Members of the Non-Residential track, who remain in their home countries and work contexts during the active fellowship year, travel to join their Residential counterparts on the fellowship modules whilst undertaking practice-based project work. 

After completing the active fellowship year, Fellows from both tracks join a lifelong fellowship community made up of members of all seven Atlantic Fellows programmes worldwide, and receive ongoing support to learn, connect, and collaborate. 

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What support do Fellows receive? 

The Residential track of the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme includes full tuition fees for the MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE, a £19,000 stipend to cover living costs while in London, any necessary travel expenses to in-person modules, and travel to and from London at the beginning and end of the active fellowship, including reimbursement of visa fees.

The Non-Residential Track of the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme includes up to a £10,000 grant to support Fellows’ project work, any necessary travel expenses to in-person modules, accommodation and related costs during Modules, and reimbursement of visa fees.

Fellows on both tracks benefit from dedicated mentoring, and leadership and skills development. Modest financial support is also available for Fellows who have family care responsibilities. 

Who are we looking to select as Atlantic Fellows? 

We are looking for Fellows who are committed to social change and have seven to ten years of substantive real-world experience in challenging inequalities. We are especially keen to support applicants:

  • Who live in the global South (in particular Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean), although this factor will never be considered in isolation. 
  • Who do not otherwise have the resources to finance their participation in activities such as these, especially people from the global South.
  • Who have not already had significant access to fellowships or scholarships.

Where do Fellows come from and what areas of social change do they work in? 

So far, the AFSEE Programme has welcomed 101 Fellows from 43 countries across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and North America. Our Fellows include activists, policymakers, researchers, practitioners, educators, civil society professionals, journalists, artists, and grassroots organisers. They are working for change in areas such as women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, economic and social justice, labour rights, community building, public policy, racial justice, human rights, minority and migrant rights, the care economy, sustainability and climate justice, disability rights, access to education, tax justice, land and housing rights, and peacebuilding.

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Deadline: January 12, 2023

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