Become a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Manitoba

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Sponsored by the University of Manitoba

Canada’s Banting Fellows are top-tier postdocs in their field worldwide. The awards are in the areas of health sciences, natural sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities. Banting Fellows receive $70,000 CANADIAN per year, for two years.

The program aims to increase Canadian capacity for research excellence with key objectives to:

      • Attract and retain top-tier national and international postdoctoral talent;
      • Develop leadership potential;
      • Position fellows for success as research leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more about the University of Manitoba, one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities and apply by July 3, 2019!

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Why Us?

The University of Manitoba is home to a community of more than 29,000 students, 5,000 academic staff and 3,900 support staff.  Recognized as Western Canada’s first university and located in the city of Winnipeg, the University is committed to advancing Indigenous research and achievement, recognizing the significant contributions of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Part of the U15 Group, the U of M ranks among Canada’s most research-intensive universities and is Manitoba’s only medical-doctoral post-secondary institution. Providing high-quality liberal arts, science and professional programs of study, the University inspires undergraduate and graduate students to positively impact their communities as globally-engaged citizens.

Our Research Expertise

The U of M garners more than $185 million in sponsored research income annually. We have some 70 endowed and sponsored research chairs and 55 research centres, institutes and shared facilities. Our Strategic Research Plan outlines our research priorities and signature research areas, which include: Arctic system science and climate change; global and population health; and inflammation, immunity and infectious diseases.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are required to apply in full collaboration with their proposed host institution showing the host’s commitment to their research program and its alignment with their strategic priorities. This requirement for institutional commitment and demonstrated synergy between applicant and institutional strategic priorities is unique to the Banting PDF.

Review the U of M Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Process and Banting Committee Scoring Criteria.

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