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CAORC’s Faculty Development Seminar Program Returns! Open to Faculty and Administration from US Community Colleges or Minority Serving Institutions. Two week overseas seminar, fully funded (round-trip, travel, accomodations, and meals). Includes lectures, site-visits, meet local scholars, and more!

Sponsored by The Council of American Overseas Research Centers

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers, or CAORC, was founded in 1981 and is a private nonprofit federation of independent overseas research centers (ORCs) that promote advanced research, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, with a focus on the conservation and recording of cultural heritage and the understanding and interpretation of modern societies. Through CAORC’s programs and the programs of individual centers, CAORC helps connect scholars to member centers that lend invaluable assistance including library access, archives, staff assistance, networking, residential facilities, and obtaining visas and research permissions to help you get the most out of your time abroad. 

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CAORC’s Faculty Development Seminar Program Returns!

There is an immediate and growing need for US community colleges and minority-serving institutions to provide a global perspective to students that will broaden students’ cultural horizons and foster critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills for an increasingly interconnected world. CAORC created the Faculty Development Seminar Program to do exactly that while utilizing the resources of our varied and distinguished independent member centers.

Through this program CAORC offers fully funded, two-week, overseas seminars to help faculty and administrators at US community colleges and minority-serving institutions gain international experience with the aim of developing and improving international courses, curricula, and teaching materials at their home institutions.

Currently, three member centers are partnering with CAORC to make these seminars happen: WARA/WARC – Senegal, ARENET – Mexico, and AIIS – India. As we resume this program, we are in the process of working with other member centers to expand this program, bookmark our FDS page to stay updated on this program. Keep reading to learn about each seminar and which one would be best for you.

CAORC faculty development seminars are run in partnership with participating Overseas Research Centers (ORCs).

Awarded participants for these seminars will receive round-trip travel, accommodations, and meals for the duration of the two-week seminar.

SENEGAL – West African Research Association (WARA) & West African Research Center (WARC)

The seminar to Senegal is carried out in collaboration with the West African Research Association and its member center in Senegal, the West Africa Research Center, and the two-week workshop in Dakar includes visits to Gorée Island, Toubacouta, and Saint-Louis, among other locations. In addition to travel, the seminar will also include feature lectures, site visits, panel discussions, and film screenings on the history, culture, arts, economy, and political life of Senegal, with a focus on connections between West Africa and the diaspora. The seminar places a special emphasis on Senegal’s spiritual diversity and religious tolerance, as well as the region’s growing transnational movements and their impact on society and especially young people.

To learn more about the seminar to Senegal, read about the seminar leaders, and learn how to apply, click here.

Application Deadline (CLOSED): August 31, 2022

Seminar Dates: January 5 – January 26, 2023

MEXICO – The Americas Research Network (ARENET)

The seminar to Mexico is carried out in collaboration with CAORC’s member center in Mexico, the Americas Research Network (ARENET), and the two-week workshop will include stays in Mexico City, Puebla, and Tlaxcala. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the contemporary United States has many of its roots in the deep historical traditions of Latin America. The dynamic processes that are multiplying the interconnections between Mexico and the U.S. are due, in large measure, to the resilience of Mexico’s Indigenous peoples. The Indigenous population of Mexico is one of the world’s largest, and Indigenous migrants from diverse linguistic and cultural traditions have come to the U.S. for decades, with their numbers continuing to increase.

This seminar will provide concrete exposure to the geographic and cultural diversity of Mexico and its historical ties to the U.S. Participants will gain first-hand experience of Mexico’s Indigenous communities and will meet local scholars, artists, and activists. The seminar will also explore the rich collections held in Mexico’s museums, libraries, and archaeological sites. Participants will experience the wide diversity of Mexico’s Indigenous history, society, and culture and its relevance for the future of the United States. 

To learn more about the seminar to Mexico, read about the seminar leaders, and learn how to apply, click here.

Application Deadline: September 13, 2022

Seminar dates: May 21 – June 4, 2023

INDIA – The American Institute for Indian Studies (AIIS)

The seminar to India is carried out by CAORC’s member center in India, the American Institute of Indian Studies, and includes extended visits to the Indian cities of Delhi, Jaipur, and Lucknow to understand the varying economic, cultural, social, and environmental pressures confronting emerging cities as more and more Indians migrate to urban areas in search of work and opportunity. As towns grow into cities and as cities morph into megacities, what can be done to ensure that demands for quality economic opportunities and decent standards of living are balanced against increased pressures on the environment, energy resources, and threatened cultural sites and traditions?

In addition to exploring the overlapping and cross-cutting challenges and opportunities created by India’s rapid urban development, participants will gain first-hand experience—through specialist-led site visits and cultural excursions—of India’s fascinating history, culture, languages, religions, and contemporary society that can be harnessed to address urban sustainability. Throughout the program, participants will learn from and have the opportunity to partner with local activists, community leaders, and university faculty engaged in international collaboration and exchanges

To learn more about the seminar to India and learn how to apply, click here.

Application Date (CLOSED): September 7, 2022

​Seminar dates: January 1 – January 16, 2023



  • The program is open to full-time or part-time faculty and administrators at U.S. community colleges or minority-serving institutions. * 
  • The program is open to faculty in all fields and encourages applicants from a diverse array of academic departments. 
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents at the time of application and must also have a valid passport or have already submitted an application for a new passport.
  • Applicants may apply to only one of the current CAORC Faculty Development Seminar opportunities being offered.
  • Previously awarded CAORC seminar participants must wait three years before applying again.

*A useful directory of MSIs can also be found at the Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions.

Program Expectations

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be required to:

  • Develop a 1-pg concept note of short and long-term goals to increase teaching and awareness about Senegal and West Africa in their classes and college community.
  • Develop new or improved course materials about Senegal that can be shared as Open Educational Resources on CAORC’s website and social media to enhance U.S. teaching on West Africa.
  • Contribute a short blog article, written for a popular audience, that expresses something about how the seminar improved your knowledge or understanding of Senegal.

More Information

Want to learn even more about our Faculty Development Seminars? Check out our blog and click on the tab labeled ‘Faculty Development’ or click here for a direct link. There you’ll find all our latest updates as well as posts from former FDS participants.

More information about CAORC’s Faculty Development Seminars can be found here:

Questions should be sent to: [email protected]

How to Apply

To apply, click the link below, scroll to the search bar, and type ‘Faculty Development Seminar’, to find the application you’re interested in.

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