Cuts Coming to Fulbright: Should You Have a Plan B?

Dec 21, 2011

Funding for the U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Program has been on a steady decline over the last few years with a $1.22 million decrease in 2010, $800,000 decrease in 2011, and the potential for further cuts in 2013.

At this point one can only speculate as to what the potential cuts could mean for the program. It could mean reductions in staff, which may have little impact on the number and amount of awards. It could mean reductions in award amounts which could make it slightly harder on fellows to make ends meet during their fellowship. It could mean a reduction in the number of awards offered, making an already highly competitive program even more competitive.

What does this mean for you? It may mean nothing. The Fulbright program is an amazing program that’s definitely hear to stay. However, finding out about other exciting fellowship opportunities may be a smart thing to do, just in case your dream Fulbright program becomes impacted by cuts.

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