Esteemed Fellows Dinner: Networking Across Fellowship Programs

Oct 08, 2012
Gathering for our inaugural Esteemed Fellows Dinner, Washington DC, October 4, 2012

We held our inaugural Esteemed Fellows Dinner in Washington, DC on Thursday, October 4, 2012 for alumni of prestigious fellowship programs as well as several aspiring fellows. The dinner brought together an cross-disciplinary group of leaders in their fields to share experiences, ideas and contacts.  Two aspiring fellows, Gerard Lumban and Sara DuBois, earned our ProFellow Dinner Fellowship for the event by telling us in less than 100 words why they wanted to participate in this unique networking opportunity. Each fellow had the chance to meet the other 13 participants over a 3-course meal. Business cards were exchanged, stories and experiences were shared and the aspiring fellows left the event with ideas and contacts for their fellowship applications. Ryan and I are planning the next Esteemed Fellows Dinner soon – next, stop San Francisco!


  • Claire Applegarth, Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow 2004-5
  • Luke Burns, Student at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (aspiring fellow)
  • Joy Alison Cooper, Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellow (Kenya) 2011-2
  • Sara DuBois, Economic Development Outreach Intern, World Vision (aspiring fellow)
  • Amy Ganderson, Global MBA Fellow at GWU 2005-7
  • Mark Hanis, current White House Fellow
  • Bethany Rubin Henderson, current White House Fellow, NYC Urban Fellow 1998-9, Founder of the City Hall Fellows Program
  • Ryan Johnson, Cofounder
  • Vicki Johnson, Cofounder, Ian Axford Fellow (New Zealand) in Public Policy 2011, Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow 2005, German Chancellor Fellow 2003-4, NYC Urban Fellow 2001-2
  • Gregg Lord, current Fulbright Senior Specialist
  • Gerard Lumban, Student at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (aspiring fellow)
  • Eden Savino, Watson Fellow, German Chancellor Fellow 2003-4
  • Leo Slater, Stetten Fellow 2003-4
  • Sarah Williams, Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow 2010-11