Global Leaders’ Alliance: Multidisciplinary Fellowship Program for Young Thinkers

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The Global Leaders' Alliance Fellows

Sponsored by Alliance University


Global Leaders’ Alliance 2023-24 

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Global Leaders’ Alliance is a multidisciplinary fellowship program designed to train the brightest young thinkers in the world to be citizens, stateswomen, men, and leaders in all fields of thought and action. The aim of this program is to prepare fellows for the unique challenges posed by the 21st century, from environmental disasters to unprecedented invasions of privacy to extreme wealth inequality to novel challenges to democracy and a post-factual political  landscape. 

The Global Leaders’ Alliance (GLA) is the flagship (postgraduate diploma) program in Liberal Arts at Alliance University. 

As a top-ranked university in India, Alliance University is committed to addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century by fostering a community that leads the charge. The University  envisions re-imagining the university’s traditional idea by creating a convergence of business, engineering, law, and liberal arts programs, which is the core academic philosophy behind its  transdisciplinary approach. This approach encourages the free-flowing exchange of ideas between divergent streams of knowledge like public policy, data science, technology, law, physics, philosophy, or businesses and rhetoric, trans disciplinarity nurtures a dynamic  foundation for the spirit of collaboration, inquiry, and enterprise. 

Alliance Education, defined by excellence over a journey of 25 years through an agile and market-driven approach in the faculties of Management Studies & Commerce; Science & Technology;  Humanities, and Liberal Arts, is guided by the core values of the University. 

GLA: Course Structure 

  • Nine-month in-campus academic program
  • Three-months Internship/foreign exchange
  • Successful completion of a one-year program would lead to the awarding of a postgraduate degree/diploma in Liberal arts.

Key Features: Global Leaders’ Alliance Fellowship 

  • Oxford Faculty
  • Fully Waived Tuition Fees
  • Interdisciplinary courses
  • Internships
  • International study exchange
  • Application assistance to ivy leagues
  • Modern and ancient languages
  • Podcasts, conferences, magazines

Career Opportunities: 

Here is a brief glimpse of the many possible careers that await a GLA fellow: 

Corporate Governance 

Scientists and Technical Consultants 

Market Research and Advertising 

Public Administration and Policymaking 

Think Tanks and Lobbying Organizations 

Media and Publishing 

Social Work and Philanthropy 

Urban Planning and Rural Management 

Higher Education and Research 

Politics and Political Management

Legislation and Legislative Assistance 

Legal Consultancy and Judicial Clerkship 

Public Relations and Communications Strategy 

Archivists and Curators 

Diplomats, Interpreters, and Translators 

Fees and Financing: 

The fellowship includes full coverage of tuition fees. However, students will be  responsible for their travel, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Profile and Eligibility: 

  1. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in any subject from a recognized national/international university.
  2. Excellent academic record (USA equivalent of 3.0 or above GPA).
  3. Demonstrated excellence in extra-curricular activities.
  4. Demonstrate leadership initiative.
  5. Good verbal and written ability in English
  6. From G20 and other Countries
  7. Aged Below 35

Selection Process: 

  • An Application & Written/ Videotaped Expression of Interest 
  • Written Test
  • Personal Interview


Apply before: June 15, 2023  Apply Now

To learn more, visit Global Leaders’ Alliance 2023-24

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