Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Applications Now Open

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Sponsored by the Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship provides full-time six to nine month fellowships for recent college and graduate school alumni to work on international peace and security issues with one of more than two dozen participating public-interest organizations in Washington, DC. Scoville Fellows have the opportunity to work with senior-level staff and to conduct research, write articles and reports, organize talks and conferences sponsored by their host organization, and do public education and advocacy on a range of issues including arms control and nonproliferation, conflict prevention and resolution, conventional arms trade, environmental and energy security, military budget, and peacekeeping. They may also attend coalition meetings, Congressional hearings, and policy briefings, as well as meetings with policy experts arranged by the program.

Scoville Fellows are paid at an annual rate of $34,800  ($2,900 per month). Benefits include health insurance, mentoring, a small stipend to attend conferences or courses, and travel to Washington, DC to begin the fellowship.

Scoville Fellows

Candidates must have an excellent academic record and a strong interest in issues of peace and security. Graduate study, a college major, course work, or substantial independent reading that reflects the substantive focus of the fellowship is also a plus. Prior experience with public-interest activism or advocacy is highly desirable. It is preferred, but not required, that such activities be focused on peace and security issues. Candidates are required to have completed a baccalaureate degree by the time the fellowship commences. The program is open to all U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S. eligible for employment. Non-U.S. citizens living outside the United States are not eligible to apply. Preference will be given to individuals who have not had substantial prior public-interest or government experience in the Washington, DC area.

To learn more about the fellowship experience, read our interview with Scoville Fellow Cody Poplin.

The next application deadline is October 1, 2015 for the spring 2016 fellowship.

For complete information see: www.scoville.org