IndieGoGo Success!

Sep 06, 2011

We made it to $10,250 on our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign! At 11am yesterday, we were at $8,330 and decided to do our polar plunge anyway in celebration of all our backers. After we came home wet, cold and happy, we had a slew of emails congratulating us that we made our goal! We were in shock! What an unbelievable surprise!

We’d like to send a great, big thank you to our 145 IndieGoGo backers and to the folks who helped make our campaign and movie successful, including Rahul Govindan, Tom McFadden, Ellie Bors, Joy Alison Cooper, Ian Boisvert, Jordan Marc Silver, Renaldo Mili, Philipp Bleek, Eden Savino, Lesley Wheeler, Oliver Ward and Chris Weber.

We can’t express enough how grateful we are and we are looking forward to updating you on our progress in this great ProFellow adventure!

Vicki & Ryan