PhD Candidates: Apply Now for 2018 Social Policy Research Grants

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Sponsored by The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy

The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy was established in 1997 by Irving Louis Horowitz and Mary E. Curtis as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Its purpose is to support the advancement of research with a social policy focus by providing small grants to aspiring PhD students at the dissertation level to fund the research they are undertaking for their project. Grants are awarded solely on the Trustees’ assessment of merit. All awards are to individuals (not institutions).

Since inception, the foundation has awarded grants to 250 scholars from over 100 different universities around the world. Every grant recipient has gone on to complete their PhD and gain employment, with around 80 percent moving into academic positions. Nearly all recipients published an article or a book based on the research supported by the grant. To learn more about the foundation or previous winners, please visit our website:

Grant Information

Grants are non-renewable and recipients have five years from announcement of the award to complete their project and claim their final payment.

Each grant is worth a total of $7,500 paid in two separate installments. Initially, the recipient receives $5,000. To receive the second installment of $2,500, recipients must achieve one of the following:

  • Approval of the dissertation;
  • Acceptance of an article based on the research by a peer-reviewed journal; [or]
  • An invitation to write a book chapter based on the research.


  • Current PhD candidates who are working on their dissertation;
  • Applicants who do not already have a PhD;
  • Applicants must have defended their dissertation proposal or had their topic approved by their department.

We accept applicants from any country and any university in the world. US citizenship or residency is not required.

How to Apply

  1. Go to;
  2. Click “Application Portal” and create an account;
  3. Complete personal and project details;
  4. Upload CV;
  5. Enter contact information for two recommenders;
  6. Submit application by December 1, 2018.

All application materials, including two letters of recommendations, must be submitted by December 1, 2018.

Apply Now

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