ProFellow Co-founder Speaks at Lean Startup Wellington

Jul 09, 2011

On Friday July 8, 2011 I had the pleasure of speaking to the Lean Startup Wellington group about ProFellow’s mission and it’s vision to help thousands of aspiring fellows around the globe find and earn fellowships.  Organized by Dave Moskovitz, a well known Wellington businessman and investor, the startup clinic was held at Southern Cross in central Wellington, and was attended by 40 people whose backgrounds range from aspiring entrepreneurs to successful business owners and investors.

Other notable speakers included: Enspiral, PaperlessReceipt, and StickyHQ

What a great experience!  It’s not often that one has the opportunity to share one’s ideas and receive instant feedback from experts.  The clinic had five speakers, including myself.  Each of us had only five minutes to present our ideas.  Immediately following our presentations we were split up into five different subgroups where we were bombarded from all angles with challenging questions about our marketing, product, and customer hypotheses.  There was no where to hide.  We spent ten minutes in each subgroup, fifty minutes in all.  There’s nothing like a good ole’ fashioned beat down to test your industry knowledge and product strategy.

ProFellow co-founder Ryan Johnson speaks at Lean Startup Wellington

Feedback like this is something that money can’t buy.  I had a great time participating in this event and can’t wait to attend the next one!