I See Too Many Fellowships: How Do I Uncheck the Boxes?

May 23, 2012 • Views -

Recently we received feedback from a beta user that is having trouble viewing only fellowships within specific disciplines (ex. public policy, law, etc.), so we thought we’d write a quick post on how to do that. By default, if you haven’t completed your user profile, we display all fellowships to you. You can change what you see by unchecking fellowship types and disciplines and clicking the filter button in the View fellowships section of the left sidebar.

If you’d like to save these settings, click either the edit your profile or the view fellowships based on your profile link on the left sidebar. From here, just select the fellowship types and disciplines that you want to see and click save changes. That’s it!

If you’re not currently participating in our beta, but would like to be, click here.