The Directory of Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education

The Directory of Fully Funded PhD Programs in EducationComplete your PhD without paying a dime!

In this 95-page digital Directory, can you discover and compare 22 accredited PhD programs in Education in the U.S. and Canada offering full funding – including full tuition scholarships and annual stipends up to $35,000 – to all accepted PhD students.

Compare programs (20 in the U.S. and 2 in Canada) with acceptance rates ranging from  3 – 62%, from small private colleges in affordable college towns to large public universities and Ivy Leagues.

Available PhD concentrations include Curriculum Studies, Education Policy, Educational Psychology, Evaluation, Higher Education, Learning Sciences, Learning Technologies, Teaching and Teacher Education, STEM Education, Urban Education, and Individually Designed Concentrations, among many more.

Each of the 22 university listings is a chapter with phone-verified information, including:

  • a detailed description of the program and concentrations available
  • the program acceptance rate (exclusive!)
  • the average cohort size
  • average GRE scores of accepted students
  • average stipend amounts, up to $35,000 per year
  • and the full funding package offered to all accepted students.

The Directory also includes 2 exclusive chapters providing:

  • 18 external fellowships and grants for doctoral study and dissertation research for both domestic and international PhD students in Education. These funding sources can be used to supplement your full funding package.
  • Guidance and templates for contacting potential PhD advisors, an important but little-known step in the PhD application process.

Written by ProFellow founder Dr. Vicki Johnson, an expert on PhD and fellowship funding, this Directory is the only one of its kind on the market, prepared specifically for aspiring PhDs.

What others say:

“Dr. Johnson’s Directory of Fully Funded PhD search and application process and proved an invaluable resource in the last 12 months! I am pleased to share that I was accepted to SUNY Albany’s PhD program and was offered a full funding package with tuition scholarship.” 

– Keith A. Preble, PhD Student, State University of New York

Special price of $50 USD 

Note: Some readers may also be interested in the Ed.D. (a doctorate in Education), which is a terminal degree for practitioners focused on the application of research and foundational knowledge. Ed.D. programs typically do not offer full funding, which is why they are not included in this Directory.