Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: April 14 – 20, 2024

Feb 12, 2024
Young Asian man wearing a stiped dress shirt pointing to blackboard, teaching Chinese to an elementary school student wearing a yellow shirt, writing a Chinese character with chalk. This image is representative of the upcoming fellowships deadline for the Chinese Language Program.
The International Chinese Teacher Scholarship offers Chinese language teachers to study the language and culture, in China.

This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes programs for fully funded graduate programs in education, French language, PhD in Electrical Engineering, and MBA support for veterans. There are opportunities for underrepresented groups, such as Hispanic students, to pursue STEM undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are teaching fellowships for summer programs and teaching Chinese, research awards for grad students pursuing wilderness studies, as well as international research on human life. These programs offer mentorship, professional development, networking, and workshops to help sharpen your skills. There are fellowships in political economy, Virginia economics, television and screenwriting, for fraternity members, women in academia, and programs exclusively online. You’ve got 8 weeks to apply for these opportunities! Apply now!

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: April 14 – 20, 2024


  • SHPE Scholarship Program: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) offers Scholarships for Hispanic graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students pursuing a degree in STEM at a community college or 4-year university. ScholarSHPE provides opportunities for students or professionals pursuing technical certificates or graduate-level professional education and graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral STEM degree program at an accredited university. SHPE is actively narrowing the gap in the Hispanic STEM education pipeline. / Apply by April 14, 2024


  • Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program: The program is open to professionals from diverse disciplines (including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, dietitians, healthcare administrators, epidemiologists, economists, and lawyers from academic and practice settings), at all career stages, with a demonstrated commitment to health and aging issues and a desire to be involved in health policy at the federal, state or local levels. The program offers two tracks: a residential program (up to $100K), which is a 9-12 month placement in Washington, D.C., or at a state agency as a legislative assistant in Congress or professional staff in an executive agency or a policy organization; and a non-residential, part-time program (up to $15K), which includes a health policy project. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • International Chinese Teacher Scholarship: To encourage students and Chinese language teachers all over the world to study Chinese or conduct research regarding the Chinese language and culture in China. Scholarships are offered for a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), and one academic year or one academic semester study in China. Open to non-Chinese citizens aged 18-35 (MTCSOL applicants aged 18-45). Language requirements apply. Provides full tuition and a monthly stipend. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Generation Teach Summer Teaching Fellowship: Generation Teach provides six-week summer teaching fellowships to undergraduate students (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) in six cities in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Fellows complete pre-summer preparation and a week of in-person training, learn core instructional strategies, practice key teaching skills, and receive daily coaching from a professional teacher. Fellows complete an AmeriCorps term of service and receive a $4,775 taxable scholarship. Filling fellowships every day, Apply immediately. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Consortium Research Fellowships: The Consortium offers Research Fellowships, nine-month Dissertation Fellowships, NEH Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Fellowships-in-Residence for scholars in the history of science, technology, or medicine who would like to use the collections at two or more institutions in the Consortium. Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellows use offices in the Consortium’s facility in Center City Philadelphia and have access to events and activities throughout Philadelphia’s academic and cultural communities. Stipends vary by fellowship and additional travel stipends are available for scholars from India, Brazil, and South Africa. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Don Lavoie Fellowship: The Don Lavoie Fellowship is an online fellowship program for advanced undergraduates, recent graduates considering graduate school, and early-stage graduate students interested in studying key ideas in political economy and learning how to utilize these ideas in academic and policy research. Fellows attend a series of online activities, including an online discussion portal and online reading discussion sessions. The total award of up to $1,250 includes a stipend and all required readings for online events, and advice on research, jobs, and graduate school. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship: The Phi Kappa Phi Fellows Program funds first-year graduate students who are pursuing post-baccalaureate degrees across any academic or professional discipline. Endorsed by their local chapter, fellows go on to study at some of the nation’s top graduate schools. There are currently fifty Fellowships of $8,500 each, six at $20,000 each, and two at $35,000 each. Fellows are active members of Phi Kappa Phi who applied to a full-time post-baccalaureate program of study at an accredited US or international institution. International students are eligible. Selection is based on the applicant’s promise of success in graduate or professional study. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • The James Buchanan Fellowship: The Mercatus Center’s James Buchanan Fellowship is awarded to scholars in any discipline who have recently graduated from their doctoral programs. This part-time fellowship aims to encourage early-career scholars to critically engage ideas in the political economy of Adam Smith and the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington schools of political economy. James Buchanan Fellows spends three weekends in residence at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) during the calendar year participating in discussions on mainline political economy. The total award of up to $8,000 includes a stipend, all required reading materials, and travel and lodging to attend colloquia hosted by the Mercatus Center. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • LEAGUE Foundation LGBTQ Scholarships: The LEAGUE Foundation LGBTQ Scholarships provides financial resources for America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender high school seniors entering their first year of institutions of higher learning. To be eligible for LEAGUE Foundation scholarships the LGBTQ applicants must be United States citizens and be graduating from high school in the year he/she applies for a scholarship. Be attending an accredited college, university, or vocational school within the United States or Canada. All applicants are automatically considered for all LEAGUE Foundation Scholarships.  The Laurel Hester, Tyler Clementi, and Matthew Shepard Memorial Scholarships are the LEAGUE Foundation’s highest awards. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Brock University Fully Funded Master of Education (MEd): Brock University, based in Ontario, Canada, offers a fully funded Master of Education (MEd). The Master of Education (MEd) program is designed for individuals from a variety of backgrounds and occupations who have an interest in advancing their knowledge of education. Full-time students in the Research pathways are eligible for funding. They may receive fellowship funding for up to 6 terms. Full-time research-based students will receive preferential hiring for all Graduate Assistantships if positions are available. Offers 3 intakes per year. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • University of Saskatchewan Fully Funded Master’s in French: The University of Saskatchewan, based in Canada offers a fully funded master’s in French. The Department provides graduate training toward a master’s degree in French literature, translation, or language studies. All new MA students are automatically considered for financial aid in the form of fellowships or teaching assistantships awarded by the Department or by the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. No separate application is necessary. University Graduate Scholarships and Graduate Teaching Fellowships are available for a maximum of 24 months of total support for each MA student. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship: The Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship provides graduate awards of $25,000 to individuals who have the potential to make a significant positive difference in understanding wilderness and how to protect it. Graduate students must prepare a paper on an aspect of wilderness. Applicants for the Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship must be currently enrolled in an accredited graduate institution in North America at the time of application; have strong academic qualifications; and have academic and/or career goals focused on making a significant positive difference in the long-term protection of wilderness in the United States. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Alexander von Humboldt Professorship: The Humboldt Professorship enables the holder to conduct forward-thinking, long-term research at universities and research institutions in Germany and makes a sustainable contribution to Germany’s ability to compete internationally as a location for research. The Foundation is keen to award more Alexander von Humboldt Professorships to women academics. The fellowship also focuses on Artificial Intelligence. Nominations may be submitted by German universities for exceptionally qualified world leaders in their fields who are established as academics abroad and would be eligible to be appointed to a professorship in Germany. The award amount totals €5 million for five years. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • New Voices Fellowship: The New Voices Fellowship is an approximately six-month mentorship program for emerging television and screenwriters who are exploring the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way. The program identifies and empowers five writers each year who are currently working on a 30- or 60-minute pilot or feature film screenplay. Through mentorship, workshops, conversations on professional development, and networking opportunities, New Voices equips writers with the tools needed to advance their careers. Each fellow receives a trophy and a $7,500 stipend. / Apply by April 15, 2024


  • Wellcome Trust Discovery Awards: The scheme of discovery awards provides funding for established researchers and teams from any discipline who want to pursue bold and creative research ideas to deliver significant shifts in understanding that could improve human life, health, and wellbeing. The research can be in a single discipline or multidisciplinary. The host organization of the lead applicant should be based in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, or low- or middle-income countries (apart from India and mainland China). A Wellcome Discovery Award provides funding for research expenses. The award usually lasts for 8 years. / Apply by April 16, 2024


  • Lahore University of Management Sciences Fully Funded PhD in Electrical Engineering: Lahore University of Management Sciences, based in Lahore, Pakistan offers a fully funded PhD in Electrical Engineering. It provides a strong foundation in contemporary areas of Electrical Engineering including Computer Networks, Embedded Systems, Nanoelectronics, VLSI Design Signal Processing, Control Systems, Robotics, Renewable Energy Systems, and Optoelectronics. LUMS provides funding to PhD students in terms of scholarships and research assistantships. They admit students purely on merit and the PhD Program at LUMS offers a full tuition fee waiver to all students on merit for 4-years. Other types of financial assistance will include a monthly assistance package. Check the website for funding info/ Apply by April 16, 2024


  • Education Pioneers Impact Fellowship: The EP Impact Fellowship is an intensive, 10-month experience that helps turn rising leaders’ skills and passions for social good into new, tangible leadership opportunities — supporting educational equity and advancing careers, at the same time. Fellows serve a 10-month placement within a leading education organization. EP recruits and places Impact Fellows in roles in data, analysis, and strategic project management. Through 10 months of workshops and targeted learning opportunities, you’ll focus on growing as a transformational leader for the education sector and the world at large. The 10-month placement offers a $58,000 stipend. / Apply by April 16, 2024


  • Fertitta Veterans MBA Program at NYU: The Fertitta Veterans MBA Program for students in the two-year Full-time MBA is an innovative program specifically designed for U.S. military veterans and active duty students to support their transition to business school. This is a cohort-based summer program that includes significant scholarship support, a summer session with early access to coursework and immersive learning at regular corporate visits, and a special leadership curriculum woven into the MBA experience. The Fertitta Veterans MBA Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that reduces tuition to a flat rate of $31,600 per academic year. The Fertitta Program now also includes an expanded Yellow Ribbon Program and the Fertitta Veterans Living Stipend. / Apply by 18, 2024


  • Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering: Each year, the Foundation invites the presidents of 50 universities to nominate two early-career professors each from their institutions, and from those nominated, 16 Fellows receive individual grants of $875,000, distributed over five years. Packard Fellows must be faculty members who are eligible to serve as principal investigators engaged in research in the natural and physical sciences or engineering and must be within the first three years of their faculty careers. Requests for nominations will be sent to the university presidents in January; nominations are due to the Foundation in March. / Apply by April 20, 2024


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