Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 12 – 18, 2018

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 12 – 18, 2018
Many fellowships on this list invite students to Washington, DC to work on summer projects and gain experience in politics.

This is the final deadlines list of 2017! Start 2018 on the right foot and line up your fellowship now. There are short-term and long-term fellowships for scholars, researchers and professionals in politics, the arts and scientific fields. Students and educators will also find many summer programs that they can take advantage of in between school years. More fellowships support study abroad programs and internships, TEFL programs and projects in peace and journalism.

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 12 – February 18, 2018


  • State Policy Fellowship Program: 2-year fellowships with state-based policy organizations to research and analyze policy issues and brief policymakers and journalists / Due February 12, 2018


  • Hertog War Studies Program: 7-week summer programs for undergraduate students to learn about different aspects of war and military forces in Washington, DC / Due February 12, 2018


  • Hertog Summer Courses: 1- or 2-week summer seminars in Washington, DC to study topics in political thought, capitalism and landmark Supreme Court cases / Due February 12, 2018


  • Hertog Political Studies Program: 7-week summer course in Washington, DC for undergraduates and recent graduates to study political thought and policy issues / Due February 12, 2018


  • Education Pioneers Fellowship: 10-week career development courses for professionals in the education sector to learn new skills over the summer / Due February 12, 2018


  • Young Fellows Program: 11-month programs working with a legislation committee and building expertise in public interest advocacy / Due February 12, 2018






  • Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship: Part-time and full-time fellowships for early-career journalists to pursue a writing project of their choosing / Due February 12, 2018



  • Lindemann Trust Fellowships: Grants for British or Commonwealth citizens or residents to carry out postdoctoral scientific research in the U.S. / Due February 14, 2018





  • Fox International Fellowship: 1-year graduate student exchange programs between Yale and its partner universities, supporting independent research projects / Due February 15, 2018



  • Brown International Writers Fellowship: 1-year fellowship spent in residency at Brown University for writers who are oppressed in their residing countries and cannot freely express their literary talents / Due February 15, 2018



  • Dannon Fellowship Grant: Grants for students at any level to work on projects related to the gut microbiome, probiotics and yogurt / Due February 15, 2018



  • Short-Term Research Fellowships: 1- to 4-week fellowships at the New York Public Library that allow researchers from outside the metropolitan area to visit and work while in-residence at the library / Due February 15, 2018




  • Swann Foundation Fellowships: Awards supporting graduate students and postgraduate researchers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico who are pursuing projects in the field of caricature and cartoon / Due February 15, 2018


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