Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 21 – March 6, 2017

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Get on stage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London with a Fulbright Commission sponsored summer fellowship
Get on stage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London with a Fulbright Commission sponsored summer fellowship

This week’s (long!) list of fellowships with upcoming deadlines includes opportunities for undergraduate students, law students, scholars, PhD students, actors, journalists, artists and entrepreneurial problem solvers. Many fellowships can be applied to research in your current location, but others can take you to Washington DC, India or the UK. Options include graduate fellowships, postdoctoral research grants, professional development programs, self-designed research fellowships and travel funding that can be applied to projects in a broad range of topics from humanities to science.

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 21 – March 8, 2017


  • John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship: 1-year fellowships for graduate students to work with the legislative and executive government branches in creating policy for ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources / Due February 21, 2017



  • Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award: Grant for an early-career nonfiction writer focused on uncovering truths about the human condition, includes access to New York University’s libraries and facilities / Due February 21, 2017 


  • The Reporting Award: Awards for journalism work covering underreported subjects in the public’s interest, includes access to New York University’s libraries and facilities / Due February 21, 2017 


  • Summer Institutes for US Graduates: Fulbright Commission summer program in the UK for U.S. undergraduates, with at least 2 years of study left to complete, to explore UK culture and academia / Due February 23, 2017 



  • Health for America Fellowship: 11-month fellowships in Washington D.C. to solve the nation’s most pressing health challenges, open to young professionals with undergraduate degrees earned within the last 3 years / Due February 24, 2017


  • Swann Foundation Fellowships: Fellowship for ongoing scholarly research and writing projects in caricature and cartoon, for MA or PhD candidates at universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico / Due February 24, 2017


  • Law and Social Enterprise Fellowships: Fellowships for research and curriculum development on legal issues in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovation, open to third year law students or recent graduates / Due February 24, 2017



  • Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT: 9-month fellowship in Boston/Cambridge for mid-career, full-time journalists to increase their understanding of science, technology, engineering, medicine and the environment / Due February 28, 2017


  • Young India Fellowship: A postgraduate leadership program for Indian citizens under the age of 28 to help lead India through the 21st century / Due February 28, 2017 


  • California Science and Technology Fellowship: 1-year appointments in the California State Legislature for those interested in improving the interface between science and legislative decision making while learning about public policy / Due February 28, 2017 



  • Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship: Funding for 4-6 weeks of work or research in a foreign country to build stronger ties among UNESCO nations, for current college students / Due February 28, 2017


  • Facebook Emerging Scholars Award: Award for first or second year PhD students from an underrepresented minority group studying a field in the technology sector / Due February 28, 2017



  • Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP): 9-month fellowship, minimum 5 months spent in Honolulu studying at the East-West Center and the remainder spent in Asia or mainland U.S. for a field study / Due March 1, 2017 



  • America Needs You Fellows Program: 2-year mentoring fellowship for first generation college students providing career development and leadership training workshops and cash grant / Due March 1, 2017 


  • Russel E. Train Fellowships: Support for Master’s or doctoral study in conservation for individuals from WWF target countries, can be applied to universities anywhere in the world / Due March 1, 2017



  • International Climate Protection Fellowship: 1-year fellowships in Germany for research-based projects related to climate protection and resource conservation, open to candidates from a non-European transition or developing country / Due March 1, 2017 


  • ISID Scientific Exchange Fellowships: Fellowships for early career infectious disease researchers to travel outside of their regions and learn new skills and techniques / Due March 1, 2017 



  • Library Resident Research Fellowship: Resident research fellowships at the American Philosophical Society Library in Philadelphia for PhD holders, candidates or independent scholars / Due March 1, 2017 



  • Folger Shakespeare Library Fellowship: Long-term and short-term fellowships for scholars holding terminal degrees in their fields and furthering studies in humanities / Due March 1, 2017 


  • CFR Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship: 9-month resident fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations’ headquarters in New York for a foreign correspondent or editor / Due March 1, 2017 


  • Open Society Fellowships: Fellowships for open-ended proposals that develop new policy ideas or advocacy strategies in human rights, government transparency, access to information or justice and promote civil society and social inclusion / Due March 1, 2017


  • Early Career Fellowships: Career development fellowships for candidates holding a degree from a UK higher education institution or an academic position in the UK / Due March 2, 2017 


  • Stoneleigh Fellowship: Funding to support work in child welfare, juvenile justice, violence prevention and related, particularly coordination of service delivery to Philadelphia’s most vulnerable youth / Due March 3, 2017



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