Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 7 – 13, 2017

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: February 7 – February 13, 2017
Conduct a writing project on American culture as a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow

You’ve got 8 weeks to apply! This week’s list includes graduate, professional and summer fellowship opportunities in public service, science, social justice, peace and conflict resolution, economics and journalism. It also includes several fellowships for underrepresented groups, including first-generation college students.

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  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship: Graduate study and professional development scholarships for college juniors interested in public service, government careers or nonprofit advocacy work / Due February 7, 2017


  • Lindemann Trust Fellowships: Postdoctoral grants in the U.S. for British or Commonwealth citizens in pure and applied physical sciences / Due February 8, 2017


  • Boren Scholarships: $8K to $20K in funding to U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in exchange for 1 year of government service / Due February 9, 2017




  • CHCI Public Policy Fellowship: 9-month fellowship in Washington D.C. for recent Latino college graduates to strengthen leadership abilities and professional skills / Due February 10, 2017


  • Detroit Revitalization Fellows: 2-year fellowship for mid-career leaders to contribute to Detroit’s civic, community and economic development / Due February 10, 2017


  • Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship: U.K.-based fellowships focused on design, engineering and business for postgraduate students from the U.S., U.K., Europe, and India / Due February 12, 2017


  • Education Pioneers Career Track Fellowship: 10+ months fellowship in leading education organizations for professionals with skills in data analysis, project management, strategy, and/or operations / Due February 13, 2017 (Deadline for Spring 2017 roles is Jan. 9)




  • Judicial Administration Fellowship (Capital Fellows): Graduate and professional fellowship for college graduates and mid-career professionals to work in California courts and administrative offices while studying public policy and administration / Due February 13, 2017



  • Robert Novak Journalism Fellowships: 1-year of funding for early career American journalists for a writing project supportive of American culture and a free society / Due February 13, 2017



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