Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: January 22 – 28, 2023

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The New York Public Library offers Short-Term Research Fellowships to support visiting scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral and independent research.

This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes programs for communications, library research, fully-funded PhDs in mathematics and pharmacology, and opportunities for international travel for language studies and research. You’ve got 8 weeks to apply! Apply now!

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: January 22 – 28, 2023


  • Conservation Fellowships: The purpose of the Kress Conservation Fellowship program is to provide a wide range of post-graduate fellowship opportunities that will help develop the skills of emerging conservators. Initial training, typically at one of a handful of institutions in North America, provides basic qualifications that must be supplemented with an extended period of specialized concentration on paintings, objects, textiles, antiquities, and other objects. Nine $32,000 Fellowships are expected to be awarded each year for one-year post-graduate internships. Fellows should have completed a masters-level degree in conservation. / Apply by January 22, 2023


  • Public Interest Fellowship: The Public Interest Fellowship is a unique combination of work and study designed to advance fellows’ pursuit of careers devoted to enriching the political and cultural life of the United States. There are 3 fellowship track opportunities including a 2-year full-time employment and training program for fellows new to the field, a 2-year education program for fellows already working in DC, and shorter fellowships of 9-12 months for young professionals looking to grow their network and skill-set. All 3 tracks provide funding for professional development and include a salary or stipend to help fellows as they advance their careers. / Apply by January 22, 2023


  • Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program: The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students with opportunities to gain hands-on research experience with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE). The goal of the MLEF program is to improve opportunities for women and minority students in STEM majors, however, all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will train under the mentorship of program officials and scientists on focused research projects. During the 10 weeks, Fellows will receive a stipend and some may be eligible to receive housing and a travel allowance. / Apply by January 23, 2023


  • Short-Term Research Fellowships: The New York Public Library offers Short-Term Research Fellowships to support visiting scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral and independent research. Fellowship stipends are $1,000 per week for up to 4 weeks and researchers must be in residence at the Library for a minimum of 2 weeks between July and June. Supports on-site research in the Library’s special collections for projects in the humanities including art history, cultural studies, history, literature, performing arts, and photography. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. / Apply by January 23, 2023


  • Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program: The Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program is a two-year full-tuition fellowship award for up to 25 Cornell University Johnson Business School students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential. In addition to their MBA curriculum, Park Fellows participate in a robust leadership development program. Features include a cohort of 25 learning partners for developing leadership skills; a two-year developmental sequence based on the development of a personal, interpersonal, team, and system mastery skills; a constant cycle of experiential learning and reflection; a track record of leadership performance that is made through contributions to the school and surrounding community. Must be a US citizen to apply. / Apply by January 23, 2023


  • Zuckerman Fellowship: The Zuckerman Fellows Program equips people from the fields of medicine, law, and business to provide leadership for the common good by making it possible for them to pursue public service degrees at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard School of Public Health, or Harvard Kennedy School. The Zuckerman Fellowship provides recipients with full tuition and health insurance fees plus a stipend of $17,000 for one year. In addition to their formal coursework, Zuckerman Fellows participate in a yearlong co-curricular program that includes small-group discussions, professional skill-building workshops, and a field trip. Deadlines vary depending on the school to which you are applying. / Apply by January 23, 2023


  • Boren Fellowships: Boren Fellowships provide up to $30,000 to U.S. graduate students to add an important international and language component to their graduate education through specialization in area study, language study, or increased language proficiency. Boren Fellowships support both language study and (optional) research and internships in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East, with a focus on studying less commonly taught languages. Boren Fellows apply for their advanced degrees to work in the federal government for at least 1 year after graduation and receive exclusive opportunities and preferential consideration for government careers. / Apply by January 25, 2023


  • New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship: Artists’ Fellowships are $7,000 cash awards made to individual originating artists living and working in the state of New York for unrestricted use. Grants are awarded in 15 artistic disciplines, with applications accepted in five categories each year. To be eligible for an NYFA Fellowship, applicants must be a resident of New York State for at least two years prior to the application deadline and cannot be enrolled in a degree program of any kind. / Apply by January 25, 2023


  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: The goal of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program at the Miller School is to inspire and train the next generation of biomedical researchers and physician-scientists. The program seeks to maximize the talents and intellectual contributions of a diverse scientific and biomedical workforce and reduce the burden of human disease. Their ten-week program immerses students from diverse backgrounds in hands-on, innovative biomedical research in the laboratories of our exceptional faculty members from multiple research disciplines. The SURF fellows also benefit from a full schedule of career development sessions and are provided a stipend and housing on the Coral Gables campus. / Apply by January 26, 2023


  • NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship: Coastal Management Fellows spend two years (starting in August) working on substantive state-level coastal resource management issues that pertain to federal management policies and regulations. Any student who will have completed a master’s, doctoral or professional degree in coastal, aquatic or environmental management-related studies at any accredited university in the U.S. is eligible. This opportunity offers a competitive salary, medical benefits, and travel and relocation expense reimbursement. / Apply by January 27, 2023


  • Data Science Fellowship: The Data Science Fellowship Program from The Data Incubator is an intensive 8-week fellowship that prepares master’s students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. A variety of innovative companies partner with The Data Incubator for their hiring and training needs, including LinkedIn, Genentech, Capital One, Pfizer, and many others. The program is free for admitted Fellows. Fellows have the option to participate in the program either in person in New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, or remotely online. Multiple sessions are offered each year, Check the website for early deadlines. / Apply by January 27, 2023


  • University of Toronto Fully Funded PhD in Pharmacology: The University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada offers fully funded programs of study for students to earn a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. The objective of the Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology is to have students possess a comprehensive understanding of the general field of pharmacology, in addition to specific expertise in their particular area of interest. They build on their knowledge of pharmacology so that they are able to think critically about specific areas in pharmacology. Students in the thesis-based M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology receive annual stipends during the normal graduate degree program duration. / International Applicants apply by January 27, 2023


  • Syracuse University Fully Funded PhD in Mathematics: Syracuse University, based in Syracuse, New York offers a fully funded PhD in Mathematics. The Department offers PhD in Mathematics and PhD in Mathematics Education. There are two options that lead to the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics. They are Mathematics and Mathematics with an emphasis on statistics. Every applicant for graduate study is automatically considered for financial support (teaching assistantships, fellowships, and research assistantships). There is no additional application required. Teaching assistantships carry a stipend (2021-2022) ranging from $19,700 to $23,800 for the academic year. / Apply by January 27, 2023 


  • CIMI Master Fellowships: CIMI provides fellowships for students enrolled in a Master’s course in Mathematics or Computer Science in one of the programs associated with CIMI. Fellowships are open to French and foreign students and are awarded on the basis of the quality of their academic records. Candidates must be in either the first or second year of their Master’s program. Fellows receive a stipend of 600€ per month for first-year students and 1,000€ per month for second-year students, for a period of 10 months. Fellows must reside in Toulouse, France for the duration of the fellowship. Apply by January 27, 2023


  • Aquinas Scholar Award: Aquinas Institute of Theology is committed to educating the next generation of theologically well-formed ministers to serve the US Church in fulfillment of their mission to “educate men and women to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead.” Students applying to one of Aquinas Institute of Theology’s three core degree programs will be considered for three merit-based scholarship awards offered to potential full-time lay students. An applicant must be a new, full-time student, a graduate of an accredited college or university with a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, have experience in a ministerial setting, and have a strong interest in and commitment to ministry and leadership in the Christian community. Applicants must commit to residing in St. Louis full-time for the duration of the program. Apply by January 28, 2023

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