Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: January 8 – 14, 2018

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: January 8 - 14, 2018
The New-York Historical Society is offering several in-residence fellowships for scholars at all academic levels.


There are only 8 weeks left to apply for these 27 fellowships! This list includes scholarships for undergraduates, fellowships for graduate students, PhDs and postgraduates, opportunities for professionals from many fields to work with policymakers, plus openings for students and professionals in medical fields. Lock in your fellowship now to set yourself up for 2018.


Not ready to apply this year? Click the links to bookmark these fellowships to your ProFellow account.


Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: January 8 – 14, 2018 


  • Humanity in Action Fellowship: 5-week summer fellowship in Europe for students and recent graduates from the U.S. and several countries in Europe to explore national histories of discrimination and resistance / Due January 8, 2018


  • Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship: Fellowship providing funding for U.S. scholars focusing on a topic within 19th – early 21st century Russia to conduct their doctoral dissertation research in Russia / Due January 8, 2018


  • Latin American Fishery Fellows (LAFF) Program: A fully funded Master of Environmental Science & Management degree specializing in Coastal Marine Resources Management for students dedicated to a career in Latin America / Due January 8, 2018


  • Earthwatch Teach Earth USA Fellowship: 1 to 2-week expeditions for educators from the U.S. teaching grades K-12 to develop their skills and understanding about environmental concerns / Due January 8, 2018




  • Autry Fellowship: 1-year fellowships for recent college graduates to work with MDC in Durham, NC, to help close the gaps that separate people from opportunity and build more inclusive cultures / Due January 8, 2017





  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowships: 10-month residency at the New-York Historical Society for scholars who have earned their PhD in the last 3 – 5 years; projects can continue research related to the dissertation or initiate a new research project / Due January 8, 2018



  • Morehead-Cain Scholars: A fully funded 4-year scholarship at the University of North Carolina for high school students graduating in the spring / Due January 9, 2018


  • AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships: Opportunities to help women as they pursue graduate and first-professional degrees in architecture, computer and information sciences, engineering, and mathematics / Due January 10, 2018


  • Post-Bachelor Fellowship: Opportunities for recent college graduates with strong quantitative skills to train with faculty and senior researchers while working on public health projects / Due January 10, 2018



  • Stanford USA MBA Fellowship: Financial assistance for students committed to economic development and who have strong ties to the Midwest / Due January 10, 2018



  • White House Fellowship: 1-year fellowships gaining first-hand experience working at the highest levels of the federal government with top-ranking officials / Due January 10, 2018


  • Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program: 2-year full-tuition fellowship awards for MBA students at the Johnson Business School at Cornell who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential / Due January 10, 2018


  • HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program: Medical research fellowships for medical, dental and veterinary students to receive biomedical research training and experience / Due January 11, 2018





  • The Broad Residency: 2-year leadership development program for managers and other business professionals to work at high-level managerial positions in school districts and federal/state departments of education / Due January 12, 2018


  • STPI’s Policy Fellowship Program: 2-year fellowship for recent bachelor’s degree recipients to use their critical thinking and analytic skills to solve challenges in science and technology policy areas / Due January 12, 2018


  • Hearst Journalism Fellowship: 2-year program in multimedia journalism to work at top metro papers and develop professional skills / Due January 12, 2018


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