Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: July 4 – 17, 2017

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The SOM Prize and Travel Fellowship offers fellows the opportunity to continue their studies in architecture through travel and direct experience

These fellowships with mid-summer deadlines include several new additions to the database. In this list, there are many options to receive funding and other resources for postdoctoral research in health, science, sustainable energy and other topics. Also included are fellowships for veterans, artists, professors and architects.

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines:  July 4 – 17, 2017


  • William T. Grant Scholars: Funding and support for promising early career researchers to address issues affecting American youth / Due July 5, 2017


  • Volkswagen Stiftung: Support for postdoctoral researchers and professors to put a potentially transformative but risky research idea to the test / Due July 5, 2017



  • Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship: 3-year fellowship to create new ideas while receiving coaching, training and networking opportunities with organizations located in cities across the U.S. / Due July 9, 2017






  • Kluge Fellowships: Support for up to 11 months for research at the John W. Kluge Center with access to the Library of Congress and its resources / Due July 15, 2017



  • Civil Society Leadership Awards: Fully-funded scholarships for master’s degree study to individuals (from select countries) who are leading positive social change in their communities / Due July 15, 2017


  • DAAD Visiting Professorships: Program for North American guest lecturers to teach in German universities and strengthen the internationalization of the educational experience / Due July 17, 2017



  • The Mission Continues: Fellowships for post-9/11 veterans to serve at a local nonprofit organization of their choosing / Due July 17, 2017


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