Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: July 4 – 17, 2021

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Several fellowships offer funding for research in the Library of Congress

This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes a number of professional, doctoral, and post-doctoral research fellowship opportunities in a variety of disciplines. There are also programs for current students. Apply now!

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: July 4 – 17, 2021


  • Botstiber Fellowship: The Botstiber Fellowship in Transatlantic Austrian and Central European Relationships is available for all scholarly work related to the historical, political or economic, and cultural relationship between the United States and present-day Austria or the countries that historically make up the Austro-Hungarian or Austrian Empires and Central Europe. This joint fellowship seeks to strengthen further and make visible scholarship on imperial and post-imperial Austria and Habsburg Studies and on issues of transfer, migration, and exchange. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent in the social sciences, economics, or humanities. Fellows receive a monthly stipend of $2,000 for 6-9 months, and relocation costs up to $1,500. / Due July 5, 2021


  • William T. Grant Scholars: The William T. Grant Scholars Program supports promising early-career researchers from diverse disciplines. Candidates are nominated by a supporting institution and must submit five-year research plans that demonstrate creativity, intellectual rigor, and address issues that have compelling relevance for theory, and policies or practices, affecting the settings of youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States or a vulnerable subpopulation of those youth. Every year, 4-6 William T. Grant Scholars are selected, and each receives $350,000 distributed over a five-year period. / Due July 7, 2021


  • Centennial Travel Award in Basic Science Tropical Disease Research: ASTMH accepts applications from physicians and scientists for this international career opportunity focused on benefiting underserved populations in locations in the world where the burden of disease is high. The recipient received $25,000 in support for a short-term research experience in the tropics. A minimum of six months must be spent at the overseas site. Applicants must be a full-time postdoctoral fellow (PhD, MD, DVM, or the equivalent) enrolled at the U.S. or Canadian institution. Citizenship of the U.S. or Canada is not a requirement. / Due July 7, 2021


  • Fulbright Specialist Program: The Fulbright Specialist Program is a unique opportunity for U.S. academics and established professionals to engage in two- to six-week, project-based exchanges at host institutions in over 150 countries. Specialists, who represent a wide range of professional and academic disciplines, are competitively selected to join the Fulbright Specialist Roster based on their knowledge, skill sets, and ability to make a significant contribution to projects overseas. Specialists receive full funding to participate in Fulbright Specialist projects, including travel, stipend, and lodging. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Peer review panels evaluate applications approximately every eight weeks. / Due July 7, 2021


  • Future Leaders in Action (FLIA) Fellowships: For up to 13 weeks over the spring, summer, or fall, Future Leaders in Action (“FLIA”) places fellows, emerging social sector leaders in youth-oriented nonprofit organizations to develop or implement enrichment programs which cultivate their leadership skills. Fellows work full-time, on-site with a partner on an enrichment program that focuses on one of the following areas: advancing skills for success, promoting public health, and protecting the environment. There are fellowships available in New York, Portland, and Iowa and past partners have included Boys & Girls Clubs, the Fiver Children’s Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other health-related organizations. / Due July 11, 2021


  • Kluge Fellowships: The Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to conduct research in the John W. Kluge Center using the Library of Congress collections and resources for a period of up to eleven months. Scholars who have received a terminal advanced degree within the past seven years in the humanities, social sciences, or in a professional field such as architecture or law are eligible to apply. Fellows receive a stipend of $4,200/month. / Due July 5, 2021


  • Data Science Fellowship: The Data Incubator is an intensive 8-week fellowship that prepares master’s students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. A variety of innovative companies partner with The Data Incubator for their hiring and training needs, including LinkedIn, Genentech, Capital One, Pfizer, and many others. The program is free for admitted Fellows. Fellows have the option to participate in the program either in person in New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, or remotely online. Multiple sessions offered each year, check the website for deadlines, including early priority deadlines. / Due July 9, 2021


  • Western Union Foundation Fully Funded Accelerator and Fellowship: The Western Union Foundation and Watson Institute’s fully-funded fellowship program for young entrepreneurs and community leaders are looking for applicants who are from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and forcibly displaced communities around the globe. This year-long program equips leaders with the skills and experience to increase access to economic opportunities to transform their communities. Each Fellow will be eligible to receive $1,000 in Seed Funding to launch/grow their ventures and initiatives. / Due July 9, 2021


  • Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) Fellowship: Through the Women’s Policy Institute, we teach women activists and grassroots organizations how to successfully navigate the California state legislature. The Women’s Policy Institute is a year-long program that includes four three-to-four-day experiential training retreats in Sacramento. During the program, Institute fellows work in teams to develop and implement specific policy advocacy projects of their choosing. Costs (meals, lodging, and program materials) of the Fellow’s participation in the Institute are fully subsidized by the Women’s Foundation of California, but travel expenses are borne by the fellows. / Due July 12, 2021


  • IGNITE Fellowships: IGNITE recruits a new cohort of diverse and passionate women in communities across the United States and provides them with resources, training, and networks to launch political careers. Each Fellow launches a regional college council for 20-30 politically ambitious young women from a group of local college campuses. Each College Council meets for bi-monthly weekend retreats. Fellows represent the political spectrum and are deeply motivated, take initiative, have organizing experience on college campuses, and have a track record building new initiatives. IGNITE Fellows are compensated with a $10,000 stipend. Different deadlines for each city. Due July 12, 2021


  • New Urban Progress Fellowship: Urban Progress Fellows strengthen the transatlantic partnership between the US and Germany. Fellows are researchers, journalists, academics, practitioners, community organizers, start-up founders, metro-level problem solvers, or work in city administration. The two-year fellowship includes virtual work and road trips through the US and Germany to engage with innovative urban areas. The program provides an excellent platform for Fellows and integrates them into a large transnational urban public policy network. Week-long delegation trips through the United States and Germany are covered financially by New Urban Progress. / Due July 14, 2021


  • Global Good Fund Fellowship Program: The Global Good Fund accelerates the development of high potential young leaders (up to age 40) tackling the world’s greatest social issues through entrepreneurship. We achieve this by investing both targeted human and financial capital in these leaders through our 12-month fellowship program. We support our Fellows in their natural work environments, craft personalized Leadership Development Plans, and pair Fellows with personalized executive coaches through implementation with up to $10,000 in funding. We additionally provide fellows with leadership assessment resources, a network of peer leaders, and sector expertise. / Due July 14, 2021


  • David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality: The fellowship seeks to encourage the pursuit of scholarly excellence in the scientific study of the relation of religiousness and spirituality to physical, mental, and social health. The fellowship provides an opportunity for a period of 6-12 months of concentrated use of the collections of the Library of Congress, through full-time residency in the Library’s John W. Kluge Center in Washington, DC. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and must possess a doctoral degree awarded by the deadline date. The fellowship provides a stipend of $4,200/month. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Jon B. Lovelace Fellowship for the Study of the Alan Lomax Collection: The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to apply for a post-doctoral fellowship for advanced research based on the Alan Lomax Collection. The Lomax Collection is a major collection of ethnographic field audio recordings, motion pictures, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, and other materials from many parts of the world. Applicants may be of any nationality and must possess a Ph.D. degree, or equivalent terminal degree. The fellowship is for a period of up to 8 months, at a stipend of $5,000 per month, for residential research at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Stacy Lloyd III Fellowship for Bibliographic Study: The Oak Spring Garden Foundation will award one Stacy Lloyd III Fellowship for Bibliographic Study of $10,000 for a two-month fellowship. The aim of the program is to support an outstanding early-career scholar who wishes to conduct bibliographic research in some area related to plants, gardens, and landscapes, and who can articulate the likely contributions of the Oak Spring Garden Library collections to the fulfillment of his/her research objectives. Applicants must be current candidates for a post-graduate degree and spend at least 2 to 8 weeks of the fellowship time working on-site at Oak Spring. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence: The Oak Spring Garden Foundation will award their annual Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence to one outstanding, early-career artist who is developing new works that address plants, gardens, or landscapes in the broad sense. The award includes a $10,000 individual grant and requires a two-to-eight-week stay at Oak Spring. This fellowship will be granted to an artist who shows promise to contribute to a deeper understanding of the natural world, and humankind’s place in it. The Fellow will have time and space to work independently on their own projects during their stay. The only requirement will be to give one 45-minute presentation with time for questions, to Oak Spring staff and any other fellows or residents who might be on site. / Due July 15, 2021


  • AANS International Visiting Surgeon Fellowship: The AANS International Visiting Surgeon Fellowship provides meaningful educational experiences in North America to international neurosurgeons who will practice and/or teach neurosurgery in their home countries. The applicant must be a neurosurgeon or neurosurgeon-in-training from a developing country. He/she should be on staff at a local hospital or university involved in neurosurgical patient care and neurosurgical education. Fellows will receive $2,000 a month for up to 3 months and will be reimbursed for airfare. The fellowship also includes admittance to the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, offering additional learning opportunities. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowships: The Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowships aim to provide Indian faculty, researchers, and professionals the opportunity to teach, conduct research, or carry out a combination of teaching and research at a U.S. institution. Depending on the U.S. host institution, it is likely that the grantee may contribute towards developing a curriculum and conducting workshops and seminars. These fellowships are for four to nine months. / Due July 2021


  • Oak Spring Fellowship in Plant Conservation Biology: The Oak Spring Fellowship in Plant Conservation Biology is awarded to an early-career practitioner, scholar, or scientist working on issues related to plant and landscape conservation. The award includes a $10,000 individual grant and requires a 2-8 week stay at Oak Spring Garden. Eligible applicants must not be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. Applicants are expected to show dedication in their work in plant conservation, exceptional promise, good communication skills, and excellence in what they have accomplished or plan to accomplish. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Oak Spring Fellowship in Plant Science Research: The Oak Spring Fellowship in Plant Science Research is awarded to an early-career plant scientist who has completed their undergraduate degree within the past ten years, with preference given to those working in organismal plant biology.  Fellows receive a $10,000 individual grant and must complete a 2-8 week stay at Oak Spring Garden. This fellowship will be granted to an exceptional plant scientist whose research shows remarkable promise to contribute to a deeper understanding of organismal plant biology, including plant ecology. / Due July 15, 2021


  • Library of Congress Fellowship in Congressional Policymaking: The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to apply for a post-doctoral fellowship in congressional policymaking with a special focus on legislative negotiations. Scholars who have received a terminal advanced degree within the past seven years in the humanities, social sciences, or in a professional field such as law are eligible. Applicants may be U.S. citizens or foreign nationals. Fellowships are for periods from four to six months at a stipend of $5,000 per month for residential research at the Library of Congress. / Due July 15, 2021


  • John H. Daniels Fellowship: The John H. Daniels Fellowship supports researchers at the National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM), a research library and fine arts museum dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing the literature, art, and culture of equestrian, angling, and field sports. University faculty, graduate students, museum professionals, librarians, independent researchers, writers, and interested others are encouraged to apply. Fellowships are awarded for two months or less. The maximum stipend award is $2,000 per month. Residence on campus is available for award recipients. / Due July 15, 2021


  • TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sustainable Energy: The TomKat Center Postdoctoral Fellowships support outstanding recent Ph.D. graduates working on projects that explore new research directions in sustainable energy and its intersection with food, water, the environment, or human health. TomKat Fellows will have support for up to two years to work on creative, multidisciplinary research. The TomKat Fellowship provides annual support as salary in the amount of $65,000, or the minimum postdoctoral salary rate as stipulated by Stanford, whichever is greater. Foreign scholars must have or be able to obtain an H1B visa (to receive the award as salary). Citizenship is not a selection factor. / Due July 15, 2021


  • McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism: The McGraw Fellowship provides editorial and financial support to journalists, who need the time and resources to produce a significant story or series that provides fresh insight into an important business or economic topic. Awards are $5,000 a month for 1-3 months; in exceptional cases, longer grants are provided based upon specific proposals. Applicants have a proven ability to report and execute a complex project in their proposed medium and a strong background or reporting expertise on the subject of their piece. Applications are accepted twice a year. / Due July 16, 2021


  • Presidential Leadership Scholars: The Presidential Leadership Scholars program challenges established business leaders to take action through a personal leadership project to solve a problem or pressing issue in their community, country, or the world. The six-month fellowship includes an opening week session in Washington, D.C., and one extended weekend during each of the following five months in various places around the U.S. Fellows hone their leadership abilities through interactions with former presidents, key administration officials, leading academics, and business and civic leaders. Tuition, housing, meals, and travel during the course sessions in the host city are provided. / Due July 16, 2021


  • Code2040 Fellows Program: As a Code2040 Fellow, you’ll spend your summer in an intensive career accelerator for 9 weeks between June and August. Students intern at top tech companies, participate in a series of career-building sessions and engage in racial equity advocacy work. To be eligible, applicants must: Be an undergraduate or graduate student planning to return to school in the fall semester following the internship, have experience coding, attend a U.S. college or university, demonstrate leadership potential, self-identify as Black and/or Latinx, and be interested in advocating for racial equity in the tech industry. / Due July 17, 2021


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