Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: March 31 – April 6, 2024

Jan 29, 2024
Oslo harbor or harbor at the Aker Brygge neighbourhood in Oslo. Oslo is the capital of Norway. This image is representative of am upcoming fellowship deadline for an opportunity in Norway.
NORAM scholarships provide financial support for Americans to study or conduct research in Norway.

This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes programs for emerging leaders from around the world, Australian citizens involved in advanced research, philanthropic business professionals, minority PhD students seeking faculty careers, young scientists interested in conducting research in Germany, mid-career policy professionals interested in Asia, Maryland law students, college students interested in the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology, STEM-educated individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, Chicana and Latina women, and more. Opportunities are available for students and professionals of various backgrounds and levels of career advancement, from current undergraduates to graduate students, mid-career professionals, government employees, and more. You’ve got 8 weeks to apply! Apply now!

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: March 31 – April 6, 2024


  • Professional Fellows Program (PFP): The Professional Fellows Program brings emerging leaders (ages 25-35) from around the world to the United States for intensive fellowships designed to broaden their professional expertise. PFP participants are placed in intensive 5-6 week fellowships in non-profit organizations, private sector businesses, and government offices across the United States for an individually tailored professional development experience. The program also establishes structured interaction between Americans and foreign participants. Participants must be mid-level professionals and be proficient in English. Fellowships are offered twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. Deadlines and eligibility requirements for this program may vary by country. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Bhumi Fellowship: The Bhumi Fellowship is a two-year, paid, full-time fellowship for young graduates to work on whole school transformation in Chennai, India. The program is designed to develop educational changemakers to lead the next movement in the public education system. Candidates must be graduates between 20 and 26 years of age, have past volunteering or work experience in any field, be passionate about transforming the education system, and have fluency in the Tamil Language. / March 31, 2024


  • Australia to USA Fellowship Program: The Association awards Fellowships at the graduate (Master’s, Ph.D., or post-doctoral) level of up to US$40,000 each year. Fellowships are available for Australians who will benefit from doing advanced research or study in the fields of business, science, technology, medicine, engineering, and sustainable development in the United States. Applicants must make their arrangements for university affiliation and have a confirmed placement by the time the Fellowship is awarded. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia doing research or studying at the graduate level – Masters, PhD, or post-doctoral. Applicants may already be in the U.S. at the time of application. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • LGT Impact Fellowship: As part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s and Lightrock’s strategic efforts to scale positive impact, the LGT Impact Fellowship was established to provide additional know-how and capacity to portfolio organizations and companies. Each year a limited number of professionals are nominated to work full-time for one year with the organizations and companies supported by LGT Venture Philanthropy and Lightrock in Latin America, Africa, India, and Europe. Fellows work within the organization on various projects, share their know-how, and help build organizational capacity. Compensation packages include insurance coverage and are in line with local standards. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program: The program’s goal is to produce more minority Ph.D. students who seek careers as faculty on college campuses. The Doctoral Scholars Program provides multiple layers of support including financial assistance, academic/research funding, career counseling, and job postings, scholar counseling and advocacy, a scholar directory for networking and recruiting, invitation to the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, and continued early career support. The fellowship is open to minorities pursuing a Ph.D. who are U.S. citizens or have permanent U.S. residency. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Hector Fellow Academy Doctoral Awards: At the Hector Fellow Academy in Germany ambitious young scientists get the opportunity to realize a self-developed research project under the supervision of a Hector Fellow. The Hector Fellow Academy funds several PhD positions for national and international Master’s graduates each year. The core of each application is the submission of an innovative and self-developed research proposal. The applicants will spend three years working on it at the home university of their supervising Hector Fellow. In addition to their salaried position, Hector Fellow Academy doctoral students receive €9,500 per year for material expenses. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • AsiaGlobal Fellows Program: The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is a 13-week interdisciplinary program designed to nurture future leaders. AsiaGlobal Fellows are promising mid-career professionals from around the world and across a spectrum of occupations, including policymakers, policy advisors, business, and civil society. They share a common policy interest in Asia, have demonstrated strong leadership potential, and are committed to making a positive impact on society. The program provides Fellows with a monthly stipend to help with living costs, accommodation, round-trip travel, site-visit travel expenses, and insurance. For promising, mid-career professionals with 8 to 25 years of working experience. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Walter Sondheim Jr. Public Service Law Fellowship: The Walter Sondheim Jr. Public Service Law Fellowship is offered to students attending either of Maryland’s two law schools, The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and the University of Baltimore School of Law.  Fellows intern in the public service law sector, usually within the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, or in a nonprofit or government organization that assists in providing legal services to low-income or under-represented individuals or groups.  Fellows are paid a $3,000 stipend and the program runs from May to August. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies Research and Project Grants: The Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies (BIAAS) seeks to grant proposals for events aimed at promoting an understanding of the historic relationship between the United States and Austria. Eligible fields include but are not limited to, history, politics, economics, law, cultural studies, and public history. Grant applications may include support for conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibits, workshops, lectures, and other public events. The maximum funding an applicant may seek is $25,000.


  • GGV NextGen Fellows: GGV NextGen Fellows gain exposure to some of the world’s fastest-growing, globally-minded technology companies. Fellows work at a GGV-funded company for 8-12 weeks over the summer and will have access to the GGV network, connect with their cohort of NextGen peers, and develop the skills necessary for a career in technology. A GGV NextGen Fellow is a current college student who has demonstrated excellence in their field of study and has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and technology. All rising juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply. Fellows will be compensated by the companies directly. Compensation will be competitive but may vary slightly based on function and company. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholar Program: The Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholar Program assists STEM-educated individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups seeking to attend an ABA-Accredited law school to explore a career in patent law in the U.S. The Scholar Program Offers selected scholars a $30,000 law school tuition grant and provides financial and non-financial assistance to scholars during the law school admissions process and throughout law school. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • Chicana Latina Foundation Leadership and Scholarship Program: Each year Chicana Latina Foundation awards merit-based scholarships valued at $1500 to 40-45 powerful Latina students. Awardees will participate in a year-long program. Scholars are selected for commitment to equality and justice for Chicana and Latina women and demonstrated leadership qualities and experience on behalf of the Latinx community. Applicants must self-identify as a Chicana and/or Latina. Be enrolled in an accredited college, community college, or university as a graduate or undergraduate student in California counties. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • LULAC National Scholarship Fund: LNESC and LULAC created the LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF) to help youth in underserved communities make the dream of college enrollment a reality. LNSF is a unique partnership between grassroots advocates and corporations that fund educational opportunities for deserving youth across the U.S. This is a true grassroots/corporate partnership for the empowerment of the Latino community. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or be granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Must have applied to or be enrolled as a full-time student in a college or university. Awards range from $250 to $2,000. / Apply by March 31, 2024


  • NORAM Scholarship for Americans to Study in Norway: NORAM scholarships provide financial support for Americans to study or conduct research in areas of mutual importance to Norway and the United States to strengthen the ties of friendship between the two countries. Every year, NORAM offers up to 10 scholarships ranging from $1,500 – $5,000 to American students, based on merit and need. The size of the individual grants depends on the research subject, purpose, and the intended length of stay in Norway. Candidates must be American citizens, planning to study/currently studying in Norway. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • America Needs You Fellows Program: America Needs You helps first-generation college students, who are the first in their families to attend college, select, secure, and succeed in their careers. The Fellows Program is an intensive mentoring and training program where Fellows develop relationships with highly accomplished community and business leaders. ANY Fellows attend 24 full-day workshops over two years, receiving intense career development and leadership training. All Fellows are matched one-on-one with a young professional Mentor Coach dedicated to their personal and professional growth. Fellows receive up to $1,000 in grant funding each year. Priority Consideration deadline December 1. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Dr. Richard M. Hunt Fellowship for the Study of German Politics, Society, and Culture: The fellowship supports American academics whose research contributes to the scholarly discourse on contemporary German society and the political, cultural, and social history of Germany. Fellows receive a $7,500 stipend, which covers transatlantic airfare and domestic travel, as well as room and board, for a minimum of 28 days. Fellows are required to work closely with the ACG to organize a detailed itinerary before the stipend is released. Candidates must be in the relatively early stages of their career, in the final stages, or have recently completed a PhD, and committed to furthering the transatlantic relationship. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums: The program is intended to encourage students to explore interpretive careers in art museums. Six Kress Interpretive Fellowships are awarded each year to American art museums for 9-12 month professional development opportunities. Application must be made by the art museum proposing to host a Fellow. These Interpretive Fellowships are intended as an opportunity for individuals who have completed a degree (B.A., M.A., or Ph.D.) in art history, art education, studio art, or museum studies and who are pursuing or contemplating graduate study or professional placement in these or related fields. The Fellowship award is $30,000. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Fellowships: The Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Fellowships provide an opportunity for exceptional German print, broadcast, and new media journalists who live and work in Berlin to travel to the United States to conduct interviews with policymakers, opinion leaders, and experts while doing in-depth reporting. Fellows receive a $5,000 stipend, which covers transatlantic airfare and domestic travel, as well as room and board, for a minimum of 21 days. Fellows work closely with the Program Director to organize a detailed itinerary. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends: The fellowships allow American and German experts from journalism, the public sector, think tanks, nonprofits, law, and cultural organizations to research and assess the most pressing topics on the transatlantic agenda while engaging with their counterparts overseas. Proposals must address one of the following global trends: climate change and sustainability, demographics and social change, technological breakthroughs, and urbanization. The fellowships allow Americans to travel to Germany and Germans to travel to the United States for at least 3 weeks to conduct research. Fellows receive a $5,000 stipend, which covers transatlantic airfare and domestic travel, as well as room and board, for a minimum of 21 days. Candidates are 45 years of age or younger and have a minimum of 5 years of relevant, full-time work experience. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship: The NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship offers educators 12 months of professional development opportunities to support educators as they cultivate global competence skills and build global lesson plans that are shared with educators around the world. Over one year, Fellows participate in online coursework, a fall professional development workshop, and a 9-day summer field study excursion. The NEA Foundation covers all costs for meals, lodging, travel, and professional development activities. Active NEA members who are current K-12 classroom teachers and have at least 3 years of teaching experience are eligible. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • German Historical Institute Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships: The GHI awards short-term fellowships of 1-5 months to European and North American doctoral students as well as postdoctoral scholars to pursue research projects that draw upon primary sources located in the United States. We are particularly interested in research projects that fit into the following fields: German and European history; The history of German-American relations; The role of Germany and the USA in international relations; and American history (European doctoral and postdoctoral scholars only). The fellowship is open to both doctoral and postdoctoral scholars based in North America and Europe. The monthly stipend is €2,000 for doctoral students and €3,400 for postdoctoral scholars. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Epidemiology Elective Program (EEP): The Epidemiology Elective Program (EEP) introduces medical and veterinary students to applied epidemiology and public health. Students learn by gaining hands-on experience and mentorship from subject matter experts in public health. This program offers assignments during 6- or 8-week rotation periods based at CDC, other federal agencies, and state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments. Students work in a wide range of public health topic areas such as infectious diseases, chronic diseases, injury prevention, environmental health, and occupational health. To be eligible for the Epidemiology Elective Program (EEP), you must be a U.S. citizen, and a medical or veterinary student enrolled full-time in a U.S.-accredited medical or veterinary school located in the United States. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • ASF Fellowships for Advanced Study or Research in the USA: The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs at the graduate and post-graduate level in the United States for up to one year. Candidates for awards from Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are recommended to ASF by our cooperating organizations. ASF accepts applications directly from Danish students who wish to study or conduct research in the United States. Awards are made in all fields. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Peace Corps Volunteers: Peace Corps Volunteers work abroad for 24 months after 3 months of training. Volunteers work with governments, schools, non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, and entrepreneurs in education, hunger, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment. Peace Corps Volunteers serve in 75 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, South America, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. PCVs receive a living allowance, free travel, and transition rewards after completing 27 months of service. Peace Corps is open to U.S. citizens age 18 and older who are curious about the world and committed to helping others. Check the website for deadlines by opportunity. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • The Equity Lab Nexus Fellowship: The Nexus Fellowship is designed intentionally to provide equal benefits to individual fellows and their organizations. By the completion of the fellowship, each fellow will be equipped to serve as a nexus for long-term, sustainable change within their organizations and their individual lives. Each of The Nexus Fellowship’s four-weeklong residencies provides expert training focused on four key areas: self, adaptive leadership, technical leadership, and the equityXdesign process. / Apply by April 1, 2024


  • Challenge Detroit Fellowship: Challenge Detroit brings together individuals of various intellects and backgrounds from across the country to make a positive contribution to Detroit by working with area companies, nonprofits, and cultural institutions. Fellows receive work placements at industry-leading host companies and nonprofits, a $43,000 annual salary (+ benefits typical of the host company), and participate in strategic, intellectually-based, community-focused collaborative projects with local non-profits and a leadership development program. / Apply by April 2, 2024


  • Columbia Business School Fellowships: Columbia Business School offers full- and partial-tuition fellowships to several exceptionally gifted students based on a variety of criteria, including academic excellence, geographic and personal background, and professional experience. There is no separate application for merit-based fellowships; the School identifies those MBA applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential. For priority consideration of merit-based fellowships, prospective students should complete their applications for admission to the full-time Columbia MBA Program by the merit fellowship deadline. Only August-entry MBA students are considered for merit-based fellowships in the first year. / Apply by April 3, 2024


  • Creative Capital Awards: Creative Capital is the only national grantmaking organization with an open application process that supports individual artists across all disciplines. Creative Capital makes a multi-year commitment to its grantees, providing them with tailored financial and advisory support to enable their project’s success while building their capacity to sustain their careers. Our grants are valued at up to $90,000. For each project, we offer up to $50,000 in award monies (direct funding) and an additional suite of career development services valued at $40,000. Applicants must be over 25 years old and have at least 5 years of work experience. Check the website here. / Apply by April 4, 2024


  • Greenlining Leadership Academy Summer Associate Program: The Academy Summer Associate Program is an intensive 10-week training program for young leaders to participate in leadership discussions, and skills-building workshops, and conduct site visits to community, government, and corporate entities. Associates learn about issues impacting California and the nation and manage research and advocacy projects under the direction of a Greenlining staff member. Associates present their findings and projects in both a written and oral report at the end of the program. As an Associate, one works 37.5 hours per week and earns a $5,500 total stipend for 10 weeks. / Apply by April 5, 2024


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