Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 27- June 2, 2019

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 27- June 2, 2019
This week the Peace Corps is looking for fellows who feel called to make global change.

You’ve got 8 weeks left to apply! Fellowships this week primarily follow the theme of global peace. From opportunities as a Peace Corps volunteer to a Rotary Peace Fellowship; applicants who are at the frontline of social change, peace-related fields, leadership, climate change, and water and land-use needs are eligible to apply. International opportunities are plentiful this week with chances to live and work in places like Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, South America, Europe, the Pacific Islands or the Middle East. Apply now!

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 27- June 2, 2019


  • Rotary Peace Fellowship: Fully-funded 15-24-month long master’s degree fellowships and 2-3-month long fellowship for experienced professionals for up to 100 individuals around the world to work and study in peace-related fields. Fellowships will be located in Australia, Japan, Sweden, the United States and Thailand / Due May 31, 2019


  • Burning Questions Fellowship Awards: A four-month fellowship for academic researchers interested in the negative impacts of global industrial food production- from PhD candidates to senior scholars. Fellows will create Guidance Memos on front-line “burning questions”. Awards range from $15,000 to $25,000 and will be awarded twice per years for new fellows to apply / Due May 31, 2019


  • Aaron Siskind Individual Photographer’s Fellowship: A up to $10,000 grant for artists working in photography and photo-based art. United States citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States who are at least 21 years old are eligible to apply / Due May 31, 2019


  • University Innovation Fellows Program: An experiential 6-week online training program and fellows will receive year-round mentorship and attend a networking conference in Silicon Valley. College students around the world from freshman to PhDs in all majors are invited to apply to become agents of change in higher education / Due May 31, 2019


  • McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends: A minimum of 3-week-long fellowship for American and German experts from journalism, the public sector, think tanks, nonprofits, law and cultural organizations to work on the most pressing topics on the transatlantic agenda. Fellows will go to the respective country overseas and work in areas like climate change, sustainability, etc. / Due May 31, 2019


  • Peace Corps: A training period of three months and then a 24 month-long placement for fellows in 1 of 75 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, South America, Europe, the Pacific Islands or the Middle East. Fellows will work with governments, schools, non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, and entrepreneurs in education, hunger, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment / Due June 1, 2019


  • Carol Emmott Fellowship: A 14-month self-guided program for female professionals who have illustrated outstanding leadership potential in the health field. Each fellow is paired with mentors and will attend four sponsored onsite events throughout the program / Due June 1, 2019


  • Mira Fellowship: The cohort of mid-career professionals will meet four times through the year are share their actionable visions that they are working to achieve across the globe. Each fellow will receive onsite fellow summits, coaching, cohort collaboration, a research travel stipend of $5,000 and access to experts in the fellow’s field of study / Due June 1, 2019


  • Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship: A grant equivalent to one year’s salary for dynamic leaders who are at the forefront of social change and have currently operating social innovation projects that are helping to change the world for the better / Due June 1, 2019


  • CivicSpark AmeriCorps: 11 months of service for fellows to work in California’s local governments to address climate change, water and land-use needs. There are two fellowship tracks: CivicSpark Climate and CivicSpark Water. Fellows receive $16,000 living allowance over the course of the fellowship / Due June 1, 2019


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