Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 6- 12, 2019

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 6- 12, 2019
This week Master’s of Social Work students at the University of California- Berkeley can gain financial awards.

This week’s list includes chances for fellows to work in the Global North or South, with the Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratory, in areas of social work or in entrepreneurial studies. Ranging from stipends to fully-funded projects, there are a variety of opportunities for recently graduated high school students, PhD scholars, and graduate students. Apply now – you have 8 weeks until the application deadlines!

Not ready to apply this year? Click the links to bookmark these fellowships to your ProFellow account.

Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: May 6 – 12, 2019


  • Urban Studies International Fellowships: A fellowship to cover the costs of a sabbatical period (3 – 6 months) at a university of the candidate’s choice in the Global North or South for the purpose of writing up the candidate’s existing research findings in the form of publishable articles or a book in collaboration with their host university. The scholar must hold a PhD and be a national from a country in the Global South / Due May 7, 2019


  • David Phillips Fellowships: A 5-year award of a personal salary and a significant research support grant up to £1 million (80% fEC) for PhD scholars to establish their first independent research in bioscience. Applicants must hold a PhD and have at least 3 years of active postdoctoral research / Due May 9. 2019



  • Kauffman Knowledge Challenge: Insight to Impact: Entrepreneurial grants up to $400,000 annually for project teams, up to $150,000 annually for individual researchers and up to $30,000 annually for students or student teams for policy design and ecosystem builders /Due May 9, 2019


  • Continuing Masters of Social Work Fellowships: Fellowship awards ranging from $1,000-$5,000 for Masters of Social Work students or recent graduates. Award areas range from Adult Health and Aging to Public Social Services / Due May 10, 2019


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