Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: October 22 – 28, 2023

Aug 21, 2023
This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes a fully funded Master's program in Classics at the University of Kansas. In this image, a male archeologist examines ancient crocks at a university office under a lamp on a desk.
The University of Kansas offers a fully funded Master’s in Classics to study classical languages and archaeological remains of the Greek and Roman worlds.

This list of upcoming fellowship deadlines includes programs for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students. Areas of interest include chemical engineering, US and Indo-Pacific relations research, art history, classical Roman and Greek history, Spanish/Iberian culture, examining Judeo-Christian religions, and history and culture before the 1700s. Some fellowships are specifically aimed at new Americans from immigrant families, trainees in Scotland, those teaching English in Cario, New York state students who want to learn about legislative processes, and young professionals interested in helping various African organizations. This article also includes fully funded master’s programs and PhDs in the sciences and researchers interested in creating innovative solutions to today’s problems.

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: October 22 – 28, 2023

  • East-West Center Summer Young Professionals ProgramThe East-West Center offers each semester a chance for undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates to gain first-hand training experience at a US-Indo-Pacific research and education organization in Washington, DC. Applicants typically have a strong interest in US-Indo-Pacific relations and may be studying international relations, Asia studies, international economics, international political economy, public policy, international business, or other similar areas of study. Full-time participation comes with a $2,000/month stipend. Stipends are prorated for part-time participation and may count as university credits if your school permits. Applicants outside DC are welcome, but residence in the DC metro area is preferred. / Apply by August 22, 2023


  • McMaster University Fully Funded Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering: McMaster University, based in Hamilton, Canada, offers a fully funded Master of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering. The MASc degree is a thesis-based program where students must complete courses in addition to writing and defending a thesis. The department provides financial support for Full-time MASc and PhD students through a combination of a research stipend, teaching assistantship, departmental scholarship, and/or a bursary. After paying tuition fees, students will receive a minimum net amount of $17,500 as long as the student remains in good standing to graduate on time. / Apply by October 23, 2023


  • AAWPI National Civic Impact Fellowship & Incubator Program: This fellowship, offered by the Asian American Women’s Political Initiative, aims to elevate Asian American and Pacific Islander women and non-binary individuals at all stages of the political pipeline. The five-month program for AAPI women 22-29 years old funds civic impact projects (up to $10,000) led by young AAPI women aimed to create social change and equity for AAPI communities. The fellowship offers leadership development, mentorship, and training while Fellows implement their projects. / Apply by October 25, 2023


  • Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Dissertation Fellowships in American Art: The Luce/ACLS fellowships are designated for graduate students in any stage of PhD dissertation research or writing, studying the history of art and visual culture of the United States. Fellowships are nine to twelve months and provide a $38,000 stipend, plus up to $4,000 for travel and research allowance. The fellowships may be conducted in residence at the student’s home institution, abroad, or another appropriate site for the research. However, the stipend may not be used to defray tuition costs or be held concurrently with any other major fellowship or grant. / Apply by October 25, 2023


  • Jean Monnet Fellowship: The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) offers fellowships to scholars who obtained their doctorate at least five years ago. The one-year fellowship takes place at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. Research proposals in various interdisciplinary fields are accepted, such as democracy, environment, inequality, technological change, the crisis of expertise, and decentering Eurocentrism. Fellows are expected to participate in academic life and collaborate with students and other postdocs at the institution. Jean Monnet Fellowships have a duration of 1 year, renewable once. / Apply by October 25, 2023


  • University of Kansas Fully Funded Master’s in Classics: The University of Kansas, based in Lawrence, Kansas, offers a fully funded Master’s in Classics. The Department of Classics provides advanced coursework in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Students are expected to study the classical languages (Greek and Latin), literature, art, and archaeological remains of the Greek and Roman worlds. The Classics Department offers several Graduate Teaching Assistantships where TAs pay no tuition, receive health benefits, and are paid a stipend of approximately $17,750. Additional scholarships and research positions are also available. / Apply by October 25, 2023


  • Princeton in Africa Fellowships: Princeton in Africa helps future leaders develop lifelong connections to the people and nations of Africa. They offer highly selective, yearlong fellowships to recent college graduates with organizations across the African continent. Fellows are enabled, through their work, to make significant contributions to Africa’s well-being, and encouraged to cultivate meaningful relationships with communities in Africa and with one another. Fellows are provided with basic living stipends. Young professionals and graduating seniors from any college or university accredited in the US are eligible to apply. Please note that prior African experience is NOT a requirement. Prospective applicants should plan to attend a virtual information session. / Apply by October 25, 2023


  • Wexner Field Fellowship: The Wexner Field Fellowship provides opportunities for growth to promising Jewish professionals who plan to continue to pursue careers as leaders in the North American Jewish community. Jewish professional leaders are provided coaching, Jewish learning, and professional development funds. This cohort-based program will deepen these professionals’ leadership skills alongside a rich network of colleagues for this three-year program and the rest of their careers. To apply you will be based in North America and employed full-time by one Jewish communal organization. The Wexner Foundation covers all expenses for program participation. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans: The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships honor immigrant tradition in the US by providing up to $90,000 over two years to 30 new Americans pursuing a full-time graduate degree program in any field at an American institution in the United States. To be eligible, you must be 30 or younger and either have been born in the US to two immigrant parents or born outside the US (as a non-citizen). As of November 1 of the year you apply, you must be a DACA recipient, naturalized citizen, or possess a green card (i.e., be a resident alien). They will also open the requirements to all US immigrants who graduated from high school and college. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • TESOL Fellowships at the American University in Cairo: Fellowships in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) are offered annually to full-time students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in the TESOL program and to acquire language teaching experience at The American University in Cairo. Fellowships are offered for two academic years and the intervening summer session, with a review every semester for satisfactory academic performance. The award includes tuition fees, a monthly stipend, a monthly housing allowance, medical service and health insurance fees, and one-way home travel. Fellows teach nine hours of English per week. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • IRH Solmsen Fellowships: The Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin–Madison offers four Solmsen Fellowships to scholars outside the university for an academic year. Through a generous bequest from Friedrich and Lieselotte Solmsen, the Solmsen Fellowships sponsor scholars working in the humanities on European history, literature, philosophy, politics, religion, art, and culture in the classical, medieval, or early modern periods before the 1700s. Solmsen Fellows are expected to reside at the IRH throughout the academic year. The award provides a stipend of $60,000, office space, support services, and access to all university facilities. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • IRH Kingdon Fellowships: The Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin–Madison offers two Robert M. Kingdon Fellowships for an academic year, to be awarded to scholars from outside the university. Through a generous bequest from Robert M. Kingdon, the fellowship sponsors scholars working in the humanities in the historical, literary, artistic, and/or philosophical studies of Christian and/or Jewish religious traditions and their role in society. Kingdon Fellows are expected to reside at the IRH throughout the academic year. The award provides a stipend of $60,000, office space, support services, and access to all university facilities. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • IRH Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellowships in Spanish Literature and Culture of the Iberian Peninsula: The Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to offers up to three Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellowships for an academic year, to be awarded to scholars from outside the university. These fellowships may be renewable for a second year. These fellowships are available to scholars with a PhD at any stage of their career and working in Spanish Iberian cultural studies with a preference for Peninsular Spanish poetry. Ciplijauskaité Fellows are expected to reside at the IRH throughout the academic year. The award provides a stipend of $60,000, office space, support services, and access to all university facilities. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • RSE Personal Research Fellowships: The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Personal Research Fellowships allow eligible applicants to take up to twelve months to focus on a research project of their choice. The award provides funding for the appointment of a temporary replacement to enable the awardee to take research leave, either in their own institution or elsewhere, while remaining in continuous employment with their present employer. In addition to funding the salary, this grant funds research costs for the awardee. Fellowships are open to early and mid-career researchers. Applicants must be existing members of academic staff on open-ended or continuing contracts in a Higher Education Institution (HEI), Research Institution (RI), or Cultural Institution (CI) in Scotland. Fellows are awarded a salary of up to £45,000 plus research costs of £5,000 per year. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • Donald M. Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship Program: The Payne Fellowship encourages the application of members of minority groups who have historically been underrepresented in international development careers and those with financial needs. The Payne Fellowship Program provides benefits valued at up to $104,000 over two years toward a two-year master’s degree, arranges internships in Washington D.C. and at USAID missions overseas, and provides professional development and support. Applicants must be college seniors or graduates looking to start graduate school in the fall of the year they apply, have GPAs of at least 3.2, and be U.S. citizens. / Apply by October 26, 2023


  • Senate Undergraduate Session Assistants Program: The Senate Undergraduate Session Assistants Program offers approximately 30 talented undergraduate students from accredited New York State universities an opportunity to experience state government and the legislative process through their participation in an on-site, academic-enriching, and career-building work experience. The program runs for about four months, beginning mid-January and ending in late April. Majors in all accredited disciplines are accepted and encouraged. Typically, 15 credit hours are awarded by most participating SUNY, CUNY, and independent colleges and universities, and students receive a $7,500 stipend. Applicants must be able to provide proof of eligibility to work in the US / Apply by October 27, 2023


  • Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award: The Hertz Graduate Fellowship Award is open to promising graduate students in science and technology who are innovators in finding solutions to challenges the world is facing. Fellows receive up to five years of funding to pursue their inventive ideas, professional support, and tuition remission. The Foundation supports graduate students working towards a PhD in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences. These fields include applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative aspects of modern biology. Here, “applied” is broadly defined as fields of endeavor in which one uses invents, or develops results from the basic physical sciences to generate solutions to problems of comparatively near-term, widespread human interest. / Apply by October 27, 2023


  • University of Toronto Fully Funded PhD in Pharmacology: The University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, offers fully funded programs of study for students to earn a PhD in Pharmacology. The program’s objective is to have students possess a comprehensive understanding of the general field of pharmacology and specific expertise in their particular areas of interest. They build on their knowledge of pharmacology to think critically about specific areas in pharmacology. Students in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology thesis-based MSc and PhD programs receive annual stipends during the standard graduate degree program duration. / Apply by October 27, 2023

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