Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: September 12 – 25, 2017

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: September 12 – 25, 2017
This week’s list includes several unrestricted fellowships that support creative artists.

This week’s list includes 19 fellowships with deadlines in mid-to-late September. There are opportunities for artists, architects, lawyers, postdocs and professionals in a variety of fields. Some fellowships involve cultural exchanges and teach through immersion while others can be applied to work and research in your own city. Take the next step in your career and apply for these fellowships today.

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Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines: September 12 – 25, 2017


  • Radcliffe Fellowship Program: Fellowships for artists, academics and professionals to convene at Harvard and focus on individual projects while benefiting from the multidisciplinary community at the University / Due September 14, 2017


  • Bush Fellowships: Grants of $100,000 to be used over the course of 12 to 24 months to pursue education or other leadership building activities, must be at least 24 years old / Due September 14, 2017


  • German Chancellor Fellowship: Fellowships for leaders from Brazil, China, India, Russia and the US to carry out a project of their own design in cooperation with a German host / Due September 15, 2017




  • EMGIP Bundestag Internship: 2-month internships for North American undergraduate and graduate students to work with the German parliament / Due September 15, 2017



  • Daland Fellowships in Clinical Investigation: Fellowships funding clinical investigation in internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery for qualified persons who have held an MD or MD/PhD degree for fewer than 8 years / Due September 15, 2017




  • Skadden Fellowship: 2-year fellowships for graduating law students to work with a public interest organization and provide legal services to the underprivileged / Due September 18, 2017



  • The Hodder Fellowship: Fellowships for writers and non-literary artists who show exceptional promise to pursue independent projects at Princeton University / Due September 19, 2017


  • Princeton Arts Fellowship: Awards for early-career poets, novelists, choreographers, playwrights, designers, performers, directors, filmmakers, composers and performance artists to teach and cultivate their craft at Princeton / Due September 19, 2017



  • Winston Churchill Design Fellowships: Overseas traveling fellowships for UK designers to experience architecture and other design through immersion and bring the knowledge back to the UK / Due September 19, 2017


  • Winston Churchill Fellowships for UK Citizens: Opportunity for British citizens to learn from others through overseas travel and bring back knowledge and best practices to be applied in UK professions and communities / Due September 19, 2017


  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Fellowships for national and international postdoctoral applicants to contribute to Canada’s economic, social and research based growth / Due September 20, 2017



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