Fellowship Q & A

What is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship?

Scholarships provide funding to students for tuition and other study-related expenses while you are in school and mainly fund undergraduate study. Fellowships generally provide funding for professional training, independent projects in unique settings, or funding for graduate or doctoral study. Fellowships are offered in virtually any discipline, at any level in your career. There are fellowships for both students and professionals.

Why should I apply for a fellowship?

Fellowships are competitive and provide an opportunity to do or create something with the financial support, resources and freedom that a typical job cannot offer. Fellowships enhance your resume and provide networking opportunities with leaders in your career field. A fellowship might be your best opportunity to travel abroad, be your own boss, attend graduate school or publish a piece of work.

How can I find fellowships?

Sign-up to find fellowships that match your background, aspirations and interests.

How can I win a competitive fellowship?

Start with our Step-by-Step Guide For a Competitive Fellowship Application, and read tips from fellowship winners.