9 Professional Fellowships in Los Angeles

May 29, 2018

Dreaming of working in the Los Angeles sunshine and watching the sunset over the Pacific? These fellowships offer opportunities that would let you do just that! This list includes lots of different opportunities for people of all career stages and disciplines. You could work on a piece of literature, help the homeless, or come up with an independent project to tackle any of the challenges facing L.A. today.

The fellowships below are ordered according to the experience they require. If one catches your eye, be sure to bookmark it to your ProFellow account!

Jeremiah Fellowship

Jeremiah is for 22-32 year old Jews who live in a Jeremiah region (Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC). The Jeremiah Fellowship gives Jews who are committed to economic and social justice the opportunity to explore how Jewish values, culture and community support and further their goals. Throughout the program, which lasts 9 months. Fellows meet together regularly for skill building sessions, Jewish study and reflection, and mutual support. Participants do not pay for their Fellowship, which includes nine months of trainings, guest speakers, and materials; as well as accommodations and meals.

City Scholars Fellowship

The City Scholars Fellowship inspires challenges, equips and encourages a growing, diverse and dynamic community of nonprofit CEOs to lead mission-focused, impact-driven, well-balanced, highly efficient and sustainable organizations. The fellowship focuses predominantly on helping low-income youth in the five-county Greater Los Angeles region stay in school, out of trouble and on track to a brighter future. Fellows nominated to the fellowship will receive tuition-free training and other resources to help them run their nonprofit organizations.

Emerging Voices Fellowship

The Emerging Voices Fellowship is a literary mentorship based in Los Angeles that aims to provide new writers who are isolated from the literary establishment with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to launch a professional writing career. The 7-month fellowship from January to July includes professional mentorship, classes at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, access to Author Evenings and Master classes, a 25-hour volunteer project, voice instruction class, and public readings. Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend. Applicants need not be published, but the fellowship is directed toward poets and writers of fiction and creative nonfiction with clear ideas of what they hope to accomplish through their writing.

FUSE Executive Fellows

FUSE Executive Fellows are mid-career professionals with 15+ years of private sector experience who are looking to transition their careers for greater social impact. Each carefully crafted fellowship focuses on achieving lasting impact and exposing local government to innovative approaches. Each Fellow is paired one-on-one with an experienced executive coach and a “host champion” within local government. In addition, FUSE Fellows participate in an elite leadership training program that was developed in partnership with McKinsey & Company, Stanford Institute of Design (d. school) and Harvard Kennedy School. Fellows receive a $90,000 stipend in their FUSE Corps placement.

Education Pioneers Fellowships

Education Pioneers launches and advances the careers of professionals who are eager to discover opportunities to use expertise in data, operations, policy, and more to make a difference for students and families from outside the classroom. The Education Pioneers Summer Fellowship is a 10-week summer experience that lays the foundation you need to become a lifelong leader in education. The Education Pioneers Impact Fellowship is an intensive, 10-month experience that helps turn rising leaders’ skills and passions for social good into new, tangible leadership opportunities — supporting educational equity and advancing careers, at the same time. The 10-month placement offers a $47,500 stipend ($58,000 annualized), plus benefits.

EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship

The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship is a career pathway that includes a volunteer pre-service component: tutoring and/or guest teaching in high-need schools and after-school programs. Fellows are matched with an EnCorps partner school and commit to 2-5 hours per week. EnCorps provides study materials for such exams as the CSET, credentialing resources and research and scholarship and professional development award opportunities. Applicants must have 3+ years of work or research experience as a STEM industry professional and currently live in an area we serve: Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Sacramento Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County, or San Diego.

United Way Homelessness Policy Fellowship Program

The Homelessness Policy Fellowship is a unique opportunity for recent graduates to work with top public sector systems leaders and local public leadership while gaining firsthand experience tackling one of L.A.’s most challenging and critical issues – homelessness. Fellows will receive an annual stipend of $60,000, ongoing training, professional development opportunities, and mentorship from public sector leaders. This one-year, full-time fellowship program will be offered to five recent graduates with advanced degrees who are committed to ending homelessness in L.A.

Los Angeles Management Fellows Program

The County Management Fellows Program is a two-year paid fellowship for individuals who want to pursue a career in County government. The program provides fellows with the opportunity to work in the most populous county in the nation. Fellows participate in many dynamic programs and service-oriented operations such as children and family well-being, County business operations, community-based programs, capital programs, health and mental health services, and public safety. Fellows receive an annual salary of $65K – $98K (depending on experience) and full County benefits. Eligible applicants must hold a master’s degree or higher.

Stanton Fellowship

The Stanton Fellowship invites leaders at public benefits in Los Angeles County to test a hunch, and to leverage their knowledge and contacts. Fellows will receive up to 2 years of support and $100,000 to solve the most complex challenges in LA — dealing with air pollution, housing the homeless, increasing school graduation rates, or promoting job growth in the creative industries. Each fellow designs his or her own inquiry and plan proposals should build on the fellow’s expertise. Applicants must be working full-time in a senior leadership position at a public benefit organization in Los Angeles county – nonprofit, government or social enterprise (faculty and staff at educational institutions are not eligible).

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