Fully Funded PhD Programs in French

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Tulane University, in New Orleans, LA, offers a fully funded PhD in French

As part of our series How to Fully Fund Your PhD, here is a list of universities that fully fund PhD students in French. PhDs in French can lead to a variety of exciting careers in academia, research, and writing.

“Full funding” is a financial aid package for full-time students that includes full tuition remission as well as an annual stipend or salary during the entire program, which is usually 3-6 years. Funding usually comes with the expectation that students will teach or complete research in their field of study. Not all universities fully-fund their doctoral students, which is why researching the financial aid offerings of many different programs, including small and lesser-known schools both in the U.S. and abroad, is essential.

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Brown University (Providence, RI): Students in our program are guaranteed a competitive package of six years of academic year funding and four summers of financial support with full tuition remission and health and dental insurance coverage. Students are eligible for a dissertation fellowship during the fifth or sixth year. Additional summer funding is provided while they prepare for their preliminary exam, and a stipend for research travel is available during their dissertation fellowship year. Students are also guaranteed funding each year for conference travel or other research needs.

Columbia University (New York, NY): Doctoral students normally receive the annual prevailing stipend and appropriate tuition and health fees for five years, provided that they remain in good academic standing and, in the case of student officers, have discharged responsibly their pedagogical or research duties. For doctoral candidates in Humanities and Social Science departments, this includes five summers of support.

Tulane University (New Orleans, LA): The PhD program is fully funded for 5 years for students entering with a BA degree (4 years for students entering with an MA). Students admitted to the program receive full tuition remission and a stipend of $26,000. They also have the opportunity to apply for competitive summer research funding through the Beth Poe Travel Grant (currently worth $5000) and the Summer Merit Fellowship Award (up to $5000), and for conference travel grants during the school year of up to $2250 annually (through the GSSA Fund, the Land Fund and the Alfred Mercier and Lafcadio Hearn Travel Grants).

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL): All Romance Languages and Literatures PhD students are awarded 6-year fellowships that include a stipend and teaching remuneration, full tuition, and health insurance coverage.

University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder, CO): Financial aid for qualified PhD students is available in the form of Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Part-Time Instructorships, and Graduate School Fellowships. Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Part-Time Instructorships normally include responsibility for lower-level language classes. The average stipend for this is approximately $26,000, and it carries with it a waiver of tuition costs. The

University of Maryland (College Park, MD): A number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded each year. These carry 9.5-month stipends, remission of all tuition (10 credits per semester), and eligibility for employee health benefits. (UMD mandatory fees are not covered.)For more information, click here.

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA): All students admitted to the Graduate Program in French & Francophone Studies receive a Benjamin Franklin Fellowship, which guarantees five years of financial support (tuition remission, Penn’s health insurance, and a stipend–$29,678 in 2019-20) to students who continue in good academic standing. Students will also receive summer stipends (July and August) in their first three years on the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship. The fellowship requires a two-year teaching assistantship as service to the department.

University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX): The University of Texas at Austin is pleased to offer 6-year scholarship packages of up to $30,000 annually for graduate study in French Studies and French Linguistics.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI): The Department of French & Italian is committed to providing full funding to all graduate students. Students who accept our offer of admission therefore receive fellowships or assistantships that cover tuition and provide eligibility to enroll in excellent comprehensive health insurance and other benefits. Funding for Fall 2020 and beyond is projected to be guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years of study for students entering with a B.A., and a minimum of 4 years for those entering with an M.A.

Yale University (New Haven, CT): All Yale students receive full financial support (tuition plus full stipend, including health insurance coverage) for five years of graduate study. This includes two years of coursework without teaching, two years of teaching, and a dissertation fellowship year.  Students in the French Department who choose to pursue dissertation research in France or a francophone country receive an additional year of support without having to teach.

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