International Climate Protection Fellowships in Germany

Sep 12, 2011

Environmental conservation leaders from developing countries could spend a year in Germany on an International Climate Protection Fellowship. The fellowship program’s goal is to promote exchange of ideas among the recipients. To do that, Fellows travel around Germany and get to know organisations engaged in the field of climate protection. The fellowship helps them build a network of contacts that they can then draw upon later when they are working around the world as experts in a range of fields.

‘The International Climate Protection Fellowships are primarily intended for people who are already engaged in climate protection,” says Francois Buscot, a member of the selection committee. Read more. 

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation gave away 14 fellowships this year to leaders from Bolivia, Ecuador, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Uzbekistan and China. Their research covers topics such as the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy in Uzbekistan, the effects of climate and socio-economic factors on dengue fever epidemics in Sri Lanka, or urban planning that reconciles the needs of humans and nature.