IRSF Post-doc Fellowships for Rett Syndrome Research

Dec 19, 2011

The International Rett Syndrome Foundation’s (IRSF) Basic Research Program offers postdoctoral fellowships for international biomedical research to promote the study of Rett syndrome (RTT). The purpose of the fellowship is to gain a better understanding of the underlying pathology of the disorder, ameliorate the symptoms and produce a cure.

About the 2011 Fellowship Recipients:

“The awarded basic research projects explore a range of topics from basic biology in gene regulation to understanding pathways involved in neuronal cell communication. Together, these types of studies will allow for identification of novel therapeutic targets in Rett syndrome.” Read more

IRSF post-doc fellowships are for two years and offer up-to $100,000 in funding. The fellowships are designed to assist post-doctoral researchers establish careers in fields relevant to Rett syndrome research and to obtain future funding from other agencies. Eligible researchers will have working knowledge of MeCP2, it’s role during normal brain development, target genes, relationship between patterns of expression and related proteins in the nervous system, etc.

To learn more about IRSF postdoctoral fellowships, please visit the website.