Redevelopment Fellowships Drive Mid-Career Professionals to Detroit

Aug 26, 2011

The Detroit Revitalization Fellowship just chose 29 mid-career professionals in fields like business, law, architecture and urban planning to become full-time Fellows for organizations dedicated to redeveloping Detroit. 640 professionals from over 40 states applied. Some candidates left high-paying jobs or passed up other offers to be part of the fellowship program.

“I think it’s because of what Detroit is and was,” says Ahmad Ezzeddine, Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach at Wayne State. “I think people want be part of the transformation of a major American city. That was a major driver for a lot of people. Detroit is important to the country, and to be part of its transformation and revitalization is exciting to people.” Read more.

Fellows are provided a full-time, salaried position and also participate in a unique executive leadership program by Wayne State University. More than 20 host organizations are partnering with Fellows to work on projects in health care, neighborhood redevelopment, land use, entrepreneurship, and education.