Woodson Fellowships for African-American and African Studies

Dec 09, 2011

The Woodson Institute’s Residential Fellowship Program at the University of Virginia is designed to provide pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers focussed on African-American and African studies the ideal environment for writing dissertations and manuscripts. Woodson Fellowships focus on applicants whose research is substantially completed in order to provide them with the maximum amount of time to complete their dissertations and manuscripts within the fellowship term. Woodson Fellows have access to one another, as well as the large intellectual community at the University of Virginia, to discuss and exchange works-in-progress.

The Woodson Fellowship has a track record for making an impact in diversifying the faculty ranks and academic topics related to the African diaspora at universities all across the United States. Many Woodson Fellows have gone on to gain academic positions at universities such as The University of California, Berkeley; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the University of Michigan; and Princeton University.

Quotes from recent Woodson Fellows:

“In many of my job interviews, my potential employers spoke highly about the national reputation of the fellowship program and often commended me on securing such a competitive fellowship.”

“I was also in a better position than a lot of these candidates, precisely because I had had that invaluable, uninterrupted time to deepen my argument and, consequently, grow more articulate about it and more confident as a scholar.” Read more

Woodson Fellowships are for two years, pay an annual stipend of $20,000, and include health insurance and many other benefits.  The pre-doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral fellowships have different requirements and responsibilities.  Please visit the website for full details.