Yale Adds Prestigious Fellowship to Admit More Doctoral Students

Jan 16, 2012

If you’re considering pursuing a PhD in biomedical and biological sciences or in astronomy and astrophysics, then you should take a serious look at Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Yale wants to admit more top notch scientists and researchers, especially international applicants, and now thanks to a gift from the Gruber Foundation, Yale has established a new science fellowship to make it happen.

The new Gruber Science Fellowships provide $2.5 million USD in annual funding, and cover both tuition and a stipend for recipients. These “name” fellowships are prestigious, and pay a higher stipend than standard fellowship and scholarship offerings at Yale.

International students should be especially excited about this fellowship because it isn’t bound by the same restrictions as traditional federal training grants, which can only be used to fund U.S. citizens. Experts at Yale believe the Gruber Fellowships will boost the number of international doctoral students accepted into the program.

“Two directors of graduate programs in the biological sciences interviewed said they think the Gruber Fellowships will help them admit more international students. Federal training grants, which fund many science Ph.D. students in their first years of study, can only be used to support U.S. citizens, so Gruber funding will make it easier for Yale to support qualified students from abroad, said Charles Greer, director of the graduate program in neuroscience”. Read more.

In its inaugural year the Gruber Science fellowships were awarded to 49 recipients. Moving forward, it is expected that 20-25 fellowships will be awarded annually. Click here to learn more about the Gruber Science fellowships at Yale.