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Are you a fellowship recipient interested in sharing your experience to help others find and win fellowships? If so, we want you to write for ProFellow!

ProFellow’s mission is to make funding opportunities more accessible to diverse audiences and to share advice on the competitive application process. We specialize in helping people find, apply, and win merit-based funding and professional development opportunities, namely professional and academic fellowships and fully funded graduate programs.

ProFellow’s content is voluntarily produced by current and former Fellows who aim to pay it forward by sharing their experiences and insights to help the next generation of aspiring fellows.

We welcome contributions on a range of fellowship and graduate school-related topics—for instance, application tips, interviewing tips, in-depth insights and guides for specific opportunities, how to leverage fellowships for career advancement, how to make the most of a fellowship experience, and Fellow interviews.

Check out our existing articles and read our values to understand our tone and coverage. We are interested in receiving pitches for fresh stories that address the informational needs you sought in your fellowship, graduate study, or career path and provide novel insights to help aspiring applicants find, apply, and win fellowships and funding for graduate study.

Once published, you will receive full credit for your work, including a byline with your bio on ProFellow. Submitted articles must be original writing authored by you and not published or simultaneously pitched elsewhere. AI contributions will not be accepted, and we will not publish drafts sent by third parties and PR agencies. Authors must disclose upfront any financial interests they have that are related to the topic.

To participate, please complete and submit the form below. If you only wish to participate in a Fellow interview, you do not need to include a pitch or writing samples. If you want to write an article, include a 1-3 paragraph article pitch, a potential title, and links to any previously published articles. If you want to provide a complete draft of your article pitch, please attach it to the form. Once submitted, you can expect a response within 5-7 business days.

Have questions? Please see our FAQs below the form for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can write for ProFellow?

We are looking for writers who can write from experience in a clear, informative, and engaging manner that is approachable, welcoming, and encouraging to read. To be eligible to write for ProFellow, you must have won a fellowship within the past 10 years. A fellowship is defined as any merit-based program that is time-limited, offers a stipend or grant, and has a competitive application process. All citizenships and backgrounds are welcome. You must have a way to confirm your personal identity, that you participated in a fellowship, and that you are fluent in English.

2. What can I write about?

Any topic related to the world of professional and academic fellowships and competitive merit-based funding opportunities for professional development and graduate study is welcome, including how to apply, interview, write and polish application essays, solicit letters of recommendation, make the most of your fellowship experience, etc. This can include tangential subjects that aspiring and current fellows would find relevant and useful, such as how to incorporate travel while on a fellowship, how to make your stipend stretch, advice on places to live (countries, cities, towns), useful tools for applicants and students and how to use them best, useful exercises to overcome common challenges like writer’s block.

Fellowship opportunities span all education and career stages, including enrolled undergraduates, recent graduates, masters and doctoral students, post-doctoral scholars, and early-career, mid-career, and late-career professionals. They also span all career disciplines, including education, entrepreneurship, business, creative arts, communications, government, law, public policy, health sciences, international affairs, social sciences, STEM, and more!

We also welcome overviews of overall experiences with fellowships and program-specific tips. For example, what the daily/weekly routine was, what you most enjoyed about the experience, what you took from the experience, and how you applied it to advance your career.

3. What can’t I write about?

We will not accept any forms of personal advertisements, AI-written articles, politically sensitive topics, and op-eds. All work must be original and created by the author. It cannot be published or simultaneously pitched elsewhere, including on social media and any media property, online or printed, including personal websites and blogs. ProFellow is committed to fostering an informative and inclusive community.

Learn more about ProFellow’s mission and values before submitting your pitch.

4. Is there a word limit?

Articles should be 1,000-2,000 words. It is okay to be a little over or under if the article is well-informed and adequately answers the key questions. All sources must be cited with links.

5. Do I need to provide my own images?

If you are participating in a Fellow Interview, we ask that you provide us with 3-4 pictures from your fellowship experience, including captions that describe the image. The images you provide for inclusion in your publication should either be your own, or provided to you by the fellowship organization with their permission to use them. All images must be high-resolution. We reserve the right to choose different images if we consider another image to be a better fit for the article.

For tips articles, we may use stock imagery. ProFellow reserves the right to choose imagery. 

6. How do I submit my article idea?

Please complete and submit our Write for Us form. If you are pitching an article idea, you will need to provide a compelling 1-3 paragraph summary of your article explaining the crux of the article, who it is for, what challenges/problems it addresses and how, the value it provides for ProFellow readers, and your expertise/experience in the topic. If you are pitching a complete article draft, please provide it in a Google Doc, set the permissions to “Anyone with the link” can view, and provide the link in the Write for Us form.

7. What happens after I submit my article idea?

We will review your submission within 5-7 business days and contact you if it’s a fit. We will need to confirm your identity and the fellowships you’ve won before moving forward. From there, we will collaborate with you on revisions, and once final and approved, we will prepare your article for publication and notify you when it is published. Your timely response to messages from our Content Team is necessary to prepare and publish your article efficiently. Slow or non-response may result in your article not being published.

8. Will I receive credit for my work?

Authors receive full credit for their work, including their name and bio appearing on the published article. By submitting their work to ProFellow, authors attest that it is their original work and has not been published or simultaneously pitched elsewhere, including on social media and any media property, online or printed, including their personal website or blog. Any violations will result in an article either not being published or being removed from ProFellow.

9. What do I get out of writing for ProFellow?

Published authors receive exposure on a popular platform for fellowship seekers worldwide, with over 250,000 subscribers and 100,000 visitors monthly. In addition, we will promote your article via our weekly newsletter, ProFellow Insider (80,000+ subscribers), and social media channels. By writing for ProFellow, authors join a community forged by current and former Fellows who wish to share their fellowship experience and insider knowledge of the application process so that more people can find and confidently apply for fellowships. 

In addition, all Fellows will be invited to join ProFellow’s International Fellows Network, which includes access to exclusive events and networking!