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The ProFellow Academy is the premier online academy for the ProFellow community. Here, you can learn how to win competitive fellowships, fund graduate school, become an industry expert, change careers, or start your career adventure abroad.

Inside our new, private member website (, you can access live and recorded ProFellow courses, post application and career questions for immediate advice, and directly connect with current and former fellows.

This private community is led by former fellows, industry experts and established leaders who generously share their experiences with aspiring fellows.

Member Benefits

Members receive exclusive access to:

Bimonthly live workshops on insider application strategies and career pathways. Recordings are available to all members.

ProFellow’s Kickstarter Course (aka “Fellowships 101”) – learn how to find the right fellowships to fund your professional and academic goals.

Virtual “office hours” with ProFellow Founder and four-time fellow Dr. Vicki Johnson – ask your burning questions when you need assistance

Live Q&A with fellowship winners and industry experts

Invitations to ProFellow’s in-person networking events

Personal introductions to current and former fellows

And more!

Upcoming Member Events

ALL live events are recorded and available to subscribers.

112/6 (Thu), 2pm PDT: Seminar

“ProFellow Secrets: A Panel Interview with Multi-Award Winners”

We’ll be doing a live interview with 4 former fellows who have won multiple fellowships! Learn their personal strategies and secrets to creating a winning application. 

12/14 (Fri), 9am PDT: Live Workshop

“How to Create an Exceptional Research Proposal”

If you are applying to a research fellowship or a PhD program, you’ll be faced with preparing a research proposal. This workshop will answer questions like: How do I choose a research topic? What makes a good research question? What research method should I propose? What do they mean by “my theory”? What do I need to know about the human subjects/ethics process for research involving people? Don’t miss this “101” on research proposals.

12/18 (Tue), 3pm PDT: Live Q&A

“Office Hours” with ProFellow Founder, Dr. Vicki Johnson

Looking for a certain type of funding opportunity? Seeking advice on your fellowship application? Come with your questions, we’ll speak live!

1/4 (Fri), 12pm PDT: Live Workshop

“Career Change Mastermind: Executing Your Career Change in 2019″

In this 1 hour interactive workshop focused on productivity, we’ll be kicking off your plan to execute your career change in 2019. In Part I (given Nov. 30 – recording available!), we reviewed a wide variety of career change pathways through fellowships and other funding opportunities. In this workshop, provide guidance on executing an application plan, strategies on rounding out your resume for your opportunity, and how to “pitch” your career change in your personal statement.

1/15 (Tue), 2pm PDT: Live Q&A

“Office Hours” with ProFellow Founder, Dr. Vicki Johnson

Looking for a certain type of funding opportunity? Seeking advice on your fellowship application? Come with your questions, we’ll speak live!

1/18 (Fri), 12pm PDT: Live Workshop

“Interview Secrets of Successful Candidates”

Got a big fellowship, graduate school or job interview coming up? Learn the secrets of preparing for the intense individual or group interview and how to blow away the selection committee! In this workshop, you’ll learn: #1 How to prepare for an interview, so you feel cool and confident the day of, even if you’re not sure what to expect; #2 How to hone your “elevator pitch” – the 2-3 sentence explanation of why YOU should be selected; #3 What to do when you get “stumped” by a question mid-interview, and how to come out on top; and more!

And more to come every month!

Recorded Courses

All members have access to recordings of our recent workshops and courses, including:

“How to Create a Killer Personal Statement”

“Secrets to Getting Extraordinary Recommendation Letters”

“Career Change Mastermind: Funding Options for a New Career Track”

“International Fellowships: Options and Application Strategies”

“ProFellow’s Kickstarter Course: Fellowships 101” 

And more!

Member Testimonials

“The ProFellow Member Network provides huge value for the investment. The recent workshop “How to Create a Killer Personal Statement” proved to be invaluable in my graduate school application process. I’d written personal statements before, but I always dread embarking on the process. I’m never sure what to include and in what order. In the workshop, Vicki provided clear instructions that actually made me excited to sit down and write mine. Her extensive experience and guidance are a godsend for any graduate applicant! I also value the ability to receive advice when I need it and connect with former fellows in the Network.”

– Belinda Breen, First generation college student & McNair Scholar

“I have found the ProFellow Member Network to be a tremendous resource over the last six months! I took the Kickstarter Course and attended one of Vicki ‘s live Office Hours for my specific questions regarding research funding. Prior to finding ProFellow, I really hadn’t found a single site that concentrated on helping PhD students find funding!  I’ve now located several opportunities that I believe are within my grasp – as well as application strategies that I believe will help me to craft competitive applications. I would highly recommend the ProFellow Member Network to any doctoral student launching a serious search for fellowships.  I know of nothing else on the web quite like it.”

– Andrea Smith, PhD student, Regent University


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