11 Days on IndieGoGo: Climbing The Ladder

Jul 16, 2011

We’re now 11 days into our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign-1,000 Fellowships in 183 Days-and due to the amazing support of our backers, have been lifted from obscurity to being the #1 grossing campaign in New Zealand, and to earning a spot on page 2 of the popular campaigns category.

ProFellow campaign number one in New Zealand

This is absolutely huge for our project and is a testament to the overwhelming support that our family, friends and backers have provided thus far.  There are hundreds of worthy projects on IndieGoGo, and for you to choose to support ours means the world to us.

As our campaign moves forward, Vicki and I are hopeful that with your support we can continue to climb the ladder.  Getting featured on IndieGoGo’s homepage could mean great things for our project, cause and the future of ProFellow.  Thank you so much for getting behind our project, and please keep up the amazing work that you’re doing to spread the word.