University Seminar Tours

Each year in the Spring and Fall, we visit universities to provide free seminars to students, faculty and alumni on how to find and win professional and academic fellowships. The presentation by four-time fellow and Cofounder Vicki Johnson features insider tips on how to prepare a competitive fellowship application, how to make an impression in individual and group interviews, and how to make the most of the fellowship experience. We also give an overview of a wide range of fellowships for graduating seniors, graduate and doctoral students, and professionals to fund graduate study, research, career advancement and overseas opportunities. Seminars can be geared towards a specific audience or field of study. The tour is sponsored by fellowship organizations and the seminars are free for universities and participating students.

Our first University Tour took place in the Fall of 2011. Since that time, we have visited more than 30 universities.

ProFellow’s Fall 2014 University Tour visited Presidio Graduate School, Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley and Mills College.

ProFellow’s Fall 2013 University Tour visited Stanford University, Mills College, U.C. Berkeley and Rutgers University.

ProFellow’s Spring 2013 University Tour was a virtual online seminar tour reaching students and professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

ProFellow’s Fall 2012 University Tour visited Washington State University, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Study, Georgetown University, George Mason University, University of Virginia, University of Delaware, Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania.

ProFellow’s Spring 2012 University Tour visited Tufts University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University and Boston University.

ProFellow’s Fall 2011 University Tour visited Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Study, Georgetown University, George Washington University, City College of New York (CUNY), New York University and University of Delaware.

For more information about our biannual tour, including university visits and sponsorship opportunities for fellowship organizations, please contact us.


“I saw you speak at Boston University 2012 and because of that day I became a New Sector Resident in Social Enterprise and I’m applying for fellowships next year. Your talk really inspired me to be so much more proactive about finding fellowships. Before I thought fellowships were only things that grad students could do. So thank you!!”

– Alexandra Plassaras, 2012-3 New Sector Alliance Resident in Social Enterprise

“Vicki is very knowledgeable on the topic of fellowships. She has participated in a number of fellowships herself, both domestic and international. If you are interested in finding out more about local and international fellowships, I would highly recommend Vicki.”

– Janet Burrowes, Associate Director, Employer Relations at Johns Hopkins University SAIS