6 Remote Fellowships for Undergraduate Students

Sep 07, 2023
African American female undergraduate student participating in a remote fellowship for undergraduate students in which multiple fellows are participating via Zoom video.
The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) Program provides students with an experiential 6-week online training program, year-round mentorship, and an in-person conference in Silicon Valley.

In today’s post-pandemic world, remote work has significantly gained in popularity. Remote work offers employees greater flexibility in their schedules without sacrificing productivity. But what about undergraduate students? There are online courses and online degree programs, but did you know that there are also remote fellowships for undergraduate students? This article lists remote fellowship opportunities for recent graduates as well as non-traditional students. Whether you are interested in climate change, science research, international studies, or wildlife conservation, read below to see fellowships in various disciplines you can participate in from the comfort of your dorm or home!

The fellowships listed below offer varying stipends and may have some in-person components. Be sure to bookmark them to your free ProFellow account to save all the details conveniently! Already completed your undergraduate studies?

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Remote Fellowships for Undergraduate Students

1. Amasia Fellowship

Amasia, a venture capital firm, offers college students a paid remote fellowship program. The fellowship is offered part-time during the spring and fall semesters or full/part-time during the summer. Fellows work with managing partners on topics of venture capital, sustainability, and climate change. The program requires strong writing and research skills. Past fellows have written blog posts on moral hazards and returns in venture capital, analyzed accelerator landscapes, and researched venture capital investment in cleantech. Other projects have centered on sustainable food production, the impact of behavioral change on climate, and the corporate environment.

2. Community College Global Affairs Fellowship

The Community College Global Affairs Fellowship (CCGAF) is a paid summer enrichment and mentorship program that seeks to expand access to global education opportunities and international affairs careers to community college, transfer, and non-traditional students. The CCGAF provides evidence-based skill-building, mentorship, and 1:1 coaching, as well as ongoing access to networks and career supports that global affairs students and professionals need to grow in their work. This fully funded program offers a stipend of $128.08, a per diem for meals and incidentals for each day of the program, and covers lodging in Washington, DC.

3. Don Lavoie Fellowship

The Don Lavoie Fellowship is an online program for advanced undergraduates, recent graduates considering graduate school, and early-stage graduate students interested in studying key ideas in political economy and learning how to utilize these ideas in academic and policy research. Fellows attend online activities, including an online discussion portal and reading discussion sessions. The total award of up to $1,250 includes a stipend and all required readings for online events and advice on research, jobs, and graduate school.

4. OMNI Institute Research Fellowship Program

The OMNI Institute offers a Research Fellowship Program for undergraduates with a BA/BS degree who are passionate about social science. OMNI hires three fellows for a two-year interactive program where they will work on client projects as Research Assistants and experience career development opportunities. This is an entry-level position in social sciences research and evaluation. The annual salary for this full-time position is $50,000 plus full benefits. The position is remote-flexible and within the continental US states. Applicants with diverse identities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

5. U.S.-Africa Green Leaders Academies & Fellowship Program

The U.S.-Africa Green Leaders Academies & Fellowship Program are eight-month fellowships designed to train and connect emerging environmental leaders in the United States and Africa. With generous funding from the Department of State via the US embassies in Ghana, Kenya, and Namibia, 60 US university students (remote) and 60 African university students (remote and in-person) convene for eight months of environmental leadership training and collaboration. The US fellows will choose a track based on theme and country and collaborate closely with fellows from one African country. 

6. University Innovation Fellows Program

The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) Program empowers students worldwide to become agents of change in higher education. Fellows create opportunities that help their peers unlock their creative potential and develop the design-centered mindset required to take on complex challenges in today’s world. Students of all majors and academic levels – from freshmen to PhDs – who want to shape the future of education are encouraged to apply. Students undergo an experiential 6-week online training program, receive year-round mentorship, and attend a networking conference in Silicon Valley. The fellowship requires faculty to start the application process as students apply as a group and pay a collective program fee.

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