Dr. Vicki Johnson Featured on Compass Check Podcast by AmeriVet Securities

Dec 19, 2023
Dr. Vicki Johnson and Compass Check Podcast Host James Fitzgerald. The title of the podcast is at the top in a banner with AmeriVet Securities and Episode number on the bottom banner. Dr. Vicki Johnson, wearing a blue top is on left hand-side with James Host James Fitzgerald on the right wearing a windbreadker vest with the AmeriVet Securities logo.
Dr. Vicki Johnson and Podcast Host James Fitzgerald | Episode #19–ProFellow

The Compass Check Podcast, hosted by James Fitzgerald and presented by AmeriVet Securities, recently interviewed ProFellow Founder Dr. Vicki Johnson to learn about fellowship programs and fully funded graduate school opportunities for veterans and military spouses. Tune into the episode here!

Founded in 1994 by a Black disabled veteran, AmeriVet Securities is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business and Minority Business Enterprise. The purpose-driven organization aims to facilitate the transition for veterans entering the corporate workforce. The organization brings you Compass Check, a podcast for veterans by veterans that showcases many resources to empower veterans in their post-server journey.

In this podcast interview, Dr. Johnson begins by introducing ProFellow as a unique platform that assists individuals, irrespective of their student or career status, in discovering short-term, funded opportunities. It serves as a comprehensive resource offering valuable tips and strategies to enhance one’s competitiveness as an applicant. She also draws a crucial distinction between internships and fellowships, the latter being structured and inclusive of all career levels and offering advantages such as opportunities for networking.

The discussion navigates through essential topics, including when to start searching for fellowships, the support available during the application process, and maximizing the benefits during and after a fellowship. Dr. Johnson provides practical tips on leveraging fellowship experiences for career advancement, such as maintaining relationships with contacts made during the fellowship, continuing to engage with the fellowship community, and utilizing the skills and knowledge gained. She emphasizes the importance of viewing fellowships not as job opportunities but as networking and career development platforms. Fellowships can serve as a launchpad for growing your experience and career.

Dr. Johnson also mentions specific prospects for veterans and military spouses in the ProFellow database, such as Hiring our Heroes, Veterans Local Gov, Dog Tag for veterans with disabilities, Hill Vets House, and more. Additionally, various programs are available in a hybrid setting and internationally. However, in finding the perfect opportunity, it’s essential to check the eligibility requirements and ensure your passions align with the program’s mission.

The interview wraps up with Dr. Johnson sharing her personal journey, from uncertainty after undergrad to a successful career in emergency management and public health, fueled by multiple fellowships. Her first fellowship was in New York with the New York City Urban Fellows right when 9/11 occurred. The event inspired Vicki and launched her 15-year emergency management and public health career. She went on to do the German Chancellor Fellowship, unfortunately, discontinued, and the Herbert Scoville Jr Peace Fellowship in Washington, DC. She also went on to get her fully funded Master of Science in Public Health and PhD. With all these experiences, she also shared the unique skills she developed, such as resistance, self-sufficiency, creativity, and leveraging your time to meet and exceed the program expectations and drive your passion.

The conversation concludes with a teaser for upcoming announcements, such as ProFellow’s newly revamped fully funded online course and group coaching program to help people get into fully funded Master’s and PhD programs. James will also invite Dr. Johnson back to discuss graduate programs available for veterans and their spouses in depth.

Listen now to the Compass Check Podcast Episode “ProFellow” with Dr. Vicki Johnson.

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ProFellow would like to thank host James Fitzgerald and the Compass Check Podcast, sponsored by AmeriVet Securities, for inviting Vicki!

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