The Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded PhD Programs of 2023

Dec 26, 2023
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ProFellow’s Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded PhD Programs of 2023.

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This year, we’re inaugurating our Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded PhD Programs of 2023 list! We present the most sought-after programs based on the preferences of our dynamic community, which boasts over 260,000 fellowship seekers actively exploring opportunities in our free comprehensive funding database. The programs on this list were identified based on the number of times they’ve been bookmarked by our community in 2023 and include fully funded PhD programs in public health, psychology, international affairs, education, public policy, biomedical sciences, theoretical neuroscience, and social welfare.

Congratulations to the programs that made the list! The ProFellow community thanks you for providing fully funded PhD programs so individuals can pursue the careers they want without the burden of substantial student debt.

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1. University of California Berkeley Fully Funded PhD in Public Health

The University of California – Berkeley presents a fully funded PhD program in Public Health. Within Berkeley Public Health, aspiring graduate students can chart their academic journeys and emerge as trailblazing leaders in public health across six distinctive divisions. Comprehensive PhD programs are available in biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health policy and management, and infectious diseases and vaccinology. Typically, doctoral candidates secure funding through soft-money grants, engaging in roles like Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) or serving as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). Both avenues include tuition remission and a monthly stipend.

2. Princeton University Fully Funded PhD in Public and International Affairs

Princeton University, in Princeton, New Jersey, offers a fully funded PhD program in Public and International Affairs. This program aims to cultivate exceptional researchers in pivotal areas of public policy. Princeton’s commitment to full funding assures comprehensive support for all PhD students throughout their regular program tenure. This encompasses tuition coverage and stipend assistance from fellowships, assistantships, and external funding sources. Teaching responsibilities are typically integral to most PhD programs during regular enrollment, often occurring in specific study years.

3. Fordham University Fully Funded PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology

Fordham University, located in New York City, NY, provides a fully funded PhD program in Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP). The program emphasizes the study of human development across the lifespan, with a dedicated commitment to social justice and a robust foundation in developmental theories and research methodologies. Concentrations are offered in 3 distinct areas: Health, Illness, and Well-Being across the lifespan; Development in the Context of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture; and Development within Family, School, and Neighborhood Contexts. Almost every doctoral student within this program benefits from financial assistance throughout their academic journey. Financial aid typically includes a complete tuition waiver and a stipend associated with work-related responsibilities, which may involve research, teaching, administrative support, or a combination of these roles.

4. Harvard University Fully Funded PhD in Education

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University has a fully funded PhD program in Education. As PhD candidates at Harvard, individuals benefit from unrestricted access to collaborate with scholars across all graduate schools, engaging in original interdisciplinary research. The program aims to make transformative changes in education research, policy, and practice; graduates focus their independent study on diverse domains, encompassing human development, learning and teaching, policy analysis and evaluation, institutions and society, and instructional practice. Harvard extends a guarantee of complete financial support to PhD students, covering tuition, health fees, and basic living expenses, ensuring support for a minimum duration of five years.

5. Columbia University Fully Funded JD-PhD Program

Columbia University, New York, NY, offers a fully funded JD-PhD program, encompassing participation from select GSAS (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) departments: Biological Sciences, Economics, English and Comparative Literature, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology. The JD-PhD program welcomes applicants from diverse majors and concentrations. Throughout the GSAS segment of the JD/PhD program, students are recipients of funding as GSAS doctoral students, securing multi-year support outlined in the official admission letter from the Dean. This comprehensive support comprises a blend of fellowships and teaching or research assistant roles.

6. Yale University Fully Funded PhD in Clinical Psychology

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, provides a specialized, fully funded PhD program in Clinical Psychology to foster research skills and offer comprehensive training in clinical science. The program aims to cultivate future leaders in exploring psychopathology and its treatment. Graduate students who maintain good standing in the PhD program receive tuition coverage and a stipend, including summer funding, for up to five years. Fellowships, primarily sourced from University funds, represent the most common form of financial assistance for students in the program.

7. University of North Carolina Fully Funded PhD in Public Policy

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte provides a fully funded PhD program in Public Policy. This interdisciplinary initiative centers on examining policy development, implementation, and evaluation. The Public Policy program is dedicated to ensuring academic year funding for all full-time students, lasting up to five years, contingent on students maintaining good standing in the program. As part of this support, students are granted a Graduate Assistantship, typically offering compensation of $18,500 for the 9-month academic year.

8. University at Buffalo Fully Funded PhD in Biomedical Sciences

The University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, New York, offers a fully funded PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. This comprehensive program serves as an entry point, offering a shared first-year curriculum that provides foundational knowledge and concepts essential for pursuing a doctoral degree in one of the program’s diverse participating disciplines. Students transition into a specific program following the first year while collaborating across various research areas. Benefits include a complete tuition scholarship, a stipend of $31,000, and inclusive medical/dental insurance

9. University College London Fully Funded PhD in Theoretical Neuroscience and Machine Learning

University College London provides a fully funded PhD in Theoretical Neuroscience and Machine Learning. This four-year doctoral program incorporates intensive courses in its initial year, delivering a thorough introduction to theoretical and systems neuroscience and machine learning. Additionally, students have the opportunity for multidisciplinary training in various neuroscience domains. Full funding is accessible to all students, irrespective of nationality. The PhD studentships cover UCL tuition fees for both domestic and international students, encompassing an annual tax-free stipend of £26,500 and a designated travel budget for participating in conferences and workshops.

10. University of California Berkeley Fully Funded PhD in Social Welfare

Berkeley Social Welfare’s PhD program cultivates independent thinkers, shaping scholars who drive social work, policy, and administration advancements. With renowned faculty, students engage in cutting-edge research. The curriculum blends research-focused seminars with theoretical, statistics, and research methods coursework. A minimum of three years is required for the program, emphasizing research mastery and interdisciplinary collaboration. A competitive funding package covers tuition and fees and provides an annual living allowance, estimated at $28,000, fostering a thriving academic community.

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