The Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded Master’s Programs of 2023

Dec 26, 2023
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ProFellow’s Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded Master’s Programs of 2023.

ProFellow aims to eliminate financial barriers by presenting fully funded master’s programs in various disciplines to show our readers their dream program can be a reality without the need for tuition loans. We curate hundreds of fully funded Master’s programs in our free database and regularly publish information on how to fully fund your Master’s degree, including tips and interviews written by fellows who have fully funded their Master’s and aim to pay it forward and inspire the next generation of applicants. We also offer the Fully Funded Course and Mentorship Program, a paid group coaching program for graduate school applicants!

This year, we are debuting our Top 10 Most Popular Fully Funded Master’s Programs of 2023 list! We present the most sought-after programs based on the preferences of our dynamic community, which boasts over 260,000 fellowship seekers actively exploring opportunities in our free comprehensive funding database. The programs on this list were identified based on the number of times they’ve been bookmarked by our community in 2023 and include fully funded Master’s programs in public policy, clinical psychology, creative writing, computer science, social work, fine arts, and visual arts.

Congratulations to the programs that made the list! The ProFellow community thanks you for providing fully funded Master’s programs so individuals can pursue the careers they are passionate about without taking on substantial student debt.

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1. Duke University Fully Funded Master of Public Policy (MPP) Program

In Durham, North Carolina, Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy awards merit-based scholarships to students accepted to the Master’s program. Concentrations are available in Energy and Environment, Health Policy, International Development Policy, National Security and Foreign Policy, Social Policy, and Tech Policy. U.S. citizens receive guaranteed assistantships for two academic years based on first-year academic performance, as well as summer internships. International students are eligible to apply for open assistantship positions.

2. College of William and Mary Fully Funded Masters in Psychological Sciences

The College of William and Mary offers a fully funded Master of Science in Psychology program designed for students aspiring to research careers and Ph.D. programs. This two-year, full-time residential program maintains a small cohort size, fostering close student-faculty interaction and comprehensive training. Students actively participate in faculty-led research teams, contributing to collaborative projects and often becoming coauthors of articles in professional journals. Financial support includes teaching or research assistantships covering tuition costs and providing a stipend, with an average workload of 20 hours per week. Applicants with a keen interest in research careers are encouraged to apply.

3. Cornell University Fully Funded MFA in Creative Writing

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, offers a fully funded two-year MFA in Creative Writing program, with concentrations in poetry or fiction. It boasts a diverse graduate faculty with expertise in various literary, theoretical, and cultural fields. The primary requirement for the MFA degree is completing a book-length manuscript—be it a collection of poems, short stories, or a novel. All MFA degree candidates also receive a stipend through assistantships and health insurance.

4. University of Washington Fully Funded Master of Social Work

The University of Washington in Seattle offers a fully funded Master of Social Work (MSW). This program readies graduates for leadership and direct-practice roles in diverse professional settings, spanning health, aging, mental health, public education, multicultural communities, and nonprofit or government agencies. Three degree paths are available for students: Advanced Standing, an expedited program for students with related undergraduate degrees, extended for part-time students, and Day, the traditional 2-year program. Students are supported through financial aid, fellowships, traineeships, and assistantships.

5. Princeton University Fully Funded Master’s in Computer Science

Princeton University, in Princeton, New Jersey, provides a fully funded Master’s in Computer Science. Accepted students are required to start with the thesis track, Master of Science in Engineering (MSE). This two-year, full-time program combines coursework with submitting an original thesis. Funding typically involves teaching assistantships covering the four program semesters. Summer research assistantships may be offered to MSE candidates at the adviser’s discretion.

6. Fully Funded MA in Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe

The European Regional Master’s in Democracy and Human Rights is a collaboration between the University of Sarajevo and the University of Bologna. It combines academic studies and practical experience, fostering interdisciplinary leaders in government, NGOs, activism, and academia. With a dynamic curriculum, international exposure, and financial support, it plays a crucial role in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s commitment to European integration. Funded by the EU and Italy, this one-year program offers a unique opportunity for those passionate about promoting democracy and human rights in Southeast Europe and beyond. Up to 36 students are selected from targeted countries and receive financial support based on their group.

7. University of California-Berkeley Fully Funded MFA in Studio Art and Visual Art

The University of California, in Berkeley, CA, offers a two-year fully funded MFA in Studio Art. This multi-disciplinary Master of Fine Arts program readies students for productive careers in studio and performance arts. It encompasses diverse media and disciplines like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, printmaking, digital and new media, performance, and social practice. Art Practice provides financial support equivalent to in-state tuition for both years of MFA studies. Additionally, all students receive moderate materials grants for their studio practices.

8. Stanford University Fully Funded MFA in Documentary Film and Video

Stanford University, in Stanford, California, has a fully funded MFA in Documentary Film and Video. This MFA program equips students for professional journeys in film, video, and digital media. Alongside core production courses, students engage in film studies, documentary film history, art history, and art practice courses. These diverse studies help contextualize their documentary film practice within critical global perspectives. Stanford offers multiple funding options based on academic merit and financial need, providing generous fellowship support for Documentary Film graduate students, including assistance toward living costs.

9. Rutgers University Fully Funded MFA in Art and Design

Rutgers University, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, offers two fully funded programs: an MFA in Design and an MFA in Visual Arts, each spanning two years. The MFA in Design is a full-time study integrating studio work with research and critical inquiry. The Rutgers MFA in Visual Arts is a thriving full-time program fostering dialogue, experimentation, and interdisciplinary thinking. All accepted graduate students receive fellowships covering the tuition cost for the two-year program. The department also provides opportunities for paid co-adjunct positions, available each semester through application.

10. University of Utah Fully Funded Master’s in Communication

The University of Utah, based in Salt Lake City, UT, provides a fully funded master’s in Communication. Their graduate program encompasses four areas: Communicating Science, Health, Environment, and Risk; Critical/Cultural Studies; Digital Media; and Rhetoric. The department endeavors to fully fund all admitted graduate students who request funding during the application. Funding through teaching or research assistantships includes tuition waivers and a guaranteed 2-year annual stipend for master’s students.

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