IFN-EcoScholars 2016 Stammtisch in Berlin, Germany

Dec 09, 2016
International Fellows Network event in Berlin, Germany
Katrina Abhold, Fulbright Fellow Noaquia Callahan, Fulbright Fellow Janalyn Roelofs and Kerstin Bacher.

On Wednesday, December 7, members of the International Fellows Network and EcoScholars met for a casual Stammtisch in Berlin, Germany. Co-hosted by Fulbright Fellow Noaquia Callahan and EcoScholars Director Katrina Abhold. The gathering brought together a cross-disciplinary group of leaders in their fields. Ecoscholars is a Berlin-based discussion and networking group for international researchers, scholars, fellows and professionals who are involved in climate change, energy, sustainability, and other related fields.

The International Fellows Network is a professional networking organization of more than 1,300 current and former fellows from all over the world. The IFN also holds events in San Francisco, New York City, Boston and Washington, DC. Through the IFN, current and former fellows can connect for advice and information on fellowships, jobs, events, graduate programs and collaborative opportunities. If you are a current or former fellow and would like to join, please sign up for our fellowships database, and we’ll be in touch by email!

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