September Esteemed Fellows Dinner in Washington, DC

Sep 30, 2013

On September 25th, Miriam Kochman and Niiobli Armagh hosted an Esteemed Fellows Dinner in Washington, DC with fellows representing Fulbright, Code For America, Atlas Corps, and Luce Scholars, among many others.

Attendees discussed their new and ongoing projects including consulting on cookie sales strategies for the Girl Scouts, migration research in Berlin, helping American teenagers adjust to life in Africa, and interning at the White House. Experiences and business cards were exchanged, and fellows left the event with ideas, contacts and plans to stay in touch!

The mission of the Esteemed Fellows Dinners is to bring together small, cross-disciplinary groups of fellowship alumni to exchange ideas and contacts over a social meal. The International Fellows Network is planning additional Esteemed Fellows Dinners in New York City, Berlin, Germany and San Francisco. If you are a current or former fellow and would like to get involved, please sign up for our fellowships database, and we’ll be in touch by email!

September 2013 DC attendees:

  • Abby Flottemesch – Atlas Corps (Atlanta)
  • Allison Green – ProInspire Fellow
  • Hellen Fissihaie – Startingbloc Fellow
  • Lya Maine Astonitas – Fulbright to the U.S. from Peru
  • Miriam Kochman – Chinese Government Scholar
  • Moncef Belyamani – Code For America Fellow
  • Niiobli Armah IV – City Hall Fellow (Houston)
  • Reid Magdanz – Luce Scholar in Laos
  • Sandra Tasic – German Chancellor Fellow