June Esteemed Fellows Dinner in San Francisco

Jun 03, 2013
June Esteemed Fellows Dinner in San Francisco

Last night we had an incredible Esteemed Fellows Dinner at Lupa in San Francisco with fellows representing Fulbright, New York City Urban Fellows, City Hall Fellows, Rotary, and the National Science Foundation among others.

Attendees talked about their new and ongoing projects including the founding of an education non-profit in Cambodia, shooting science rap videos with middle school students in Oakland, working for Partners in Health in Peru, studying the unique tri-lingual education system in Andorra, and structural engineering for earthquakes in the US and abroad.  Experiences and business cards were exchanged, and fellows left the event with ideas, news contacts and plans to stay in touch!

The mission of the Esteemed Fellows Dinners is to bring together small, cross-disciplinary groups of fellowship alumni to exchange ideas and contacts over a social meal. Ryan and I are planning additional Esteemed Fellows Dinners in San Francisco and other parts of the U.S. If you are a fellowship alumnus and would like to get involved, please sign up for our fellowships database, and we’ll be in touch by email!

June 2013 Dinner Attendees:

  • Ariel Hunsberger: Fulbright ETA in Andorra
  • Erick Orantes: City Hall Fellow
  • Ian Murray: National Science Foundation Engineering Innovation Fellow
  • Joerg Geier: Fulbright Scholar to the US from Germany
  • Maureen Alice Johnson: Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Peru
  • Panagiotis Galanis: Fulbright Scholar to the US from Greece
  • Ryan Johnson: Cofounder ProFellow.com
  • Teresa Pratt: New York City Urban Fellow
  • Tom McFadden: Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand
  • Vicki Johnson: Cofounder ProFellow.com, German Chancellor Scholar