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Jan 08, 2019
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Last updated April 18, 2022

As part of our series How to Fully Fund Your PhD, here is a list of universities that fully fund PhD students with an Entrepreneurship focus. PhDs in Business and Entrepreneurship open the door to many opportunities, leading to careers in academia, the business world, and prepare you to manage your own company.

“Full funding” is a financial aid package for full-time students that includes full tuition remission as well as an annual stipend or salary during the entire program, which is usually 3-6 years. Funding usually comes with the expectation that students will teach or complete research in their field of study. Not all universities fully-fund their doctoral students, which is why researching the financial aid offerings of many different programs, including small and lesser-known schools both in the U.S. and abroad, is essential.

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Bentley University

(Waltham, MA): All Doctoral Fellows receive a full-tuition scholarship and individual student health insurance. Fellowship packages typically range from $35,000-$36,000 per year. Funding is guaranteed for four years, with a fifth-year contingent upon progress in the program.

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

(Durham, NC): Fuqua offers fellowships to all doctoral students, including international students. This fellowship pays for tuition, a competitive stipend for living expenses, and single-person health fees. The fellowship is renewable for up to five years of doctoral education, conditional on good academic standing in the program.

Erasmus Research Institute of Management

(Rotterdam, Netherlands): In the Netherlands, appointed PhD candidates are considered employees of the university and therefore no tuition fee is charged. This also means that our PhD vacancies are fully-funded and salaried positions.

Grenoble Ecole de Management, Ph.D. in Business Administration

(Grenoble, France): Admitted candidates receive a tuition waiver covering all tuition fees. The PhD student is classed as a regular employee with an annually renewable contract pending performance evaluation. Salary covers the monthly living cost of a student in Grenoble.

IESE Business School University of Navarra

(Pamplona, Spain): The financial support package includes the annual tuition fees of 30.000€ for the MRM and 5.000€ for the PhD and a yearly stipend to cover living expenses of 18.720€ (gross amount). This aid is renewable upon satisfactory progress in the program for up to 5 years.

Imperial College Business School

(London, United Kingdom): We offer a fully funded Doctoral programme at the Business School. This includes a full tuition fee waiver (Home/EU or Overseas fees) plus a living stipend for up to five years through the Business School Graduate Teaching Assistant Scholarship.

Koç University Graduate School of Business

(Istanbul, Turkey): Tuition waiver plus 6.000 TL monthly stipend. Free Dormitory with limited capacity. All students receive private health insurance and meal card. The Graduate School of Business offers Ph.D. scholarships to all international admitted students.

London Business School

(London, United Kingdom): All students offered a place on the Ph.D. programme receive full funding, which includes a tuition fee waiver and a stipend guaranteed for five years.

MIT Sloan School of Management

(Cambridge, MA): Students in good academic standing in the PhD program receive a granted funding package that includes tuition, medical insurance, and a stipend. They also provide a new laptop computer and a conference travel/research budget. Students receive full academic year tuition plus a monthly stipend of $4,035.50 for each of 12 months per year. Students receive 12 terms of fellowship and TA/RA for 3 terms.

Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business

(Columbus, OH): Entering doctoral students can receive a Graduate Assistant (GA) Fellowship that covers tuition, insurance, and a monthly stipend. It is normally expected that students who exhibit acceptable progress in the program will be given such support for a period of five academic years.

Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business

(Houston, TX): Admitted students will be offered stipend support of $40,000 per fiscal year. This stipend is available for each year of full-time study, conditional on satisfactory progress in the doctoral program.

The University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business

(Pittsburgh, PA): The PhD Program provides a five-year financial aid package. Currently, the financial aid package includes a stipend of $27,590 and full tuition remission for five years and comprehensive health insurance to both domestic and international students.

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