Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education

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Harvard University offered several fully funded PhD programs in Education.

Last updated March 9, 2022

Next in my series on How To Fully Fund Your PhD, I provide a list below of universities that offer full funding to all students admitted to their doctoral programs in education, international education, and educational leadership.

You can find several competitive, external fellowships in the ProFellow database for graduate and doctoral study, but it is useful to seek out PhD programs that offer full funding to all admitted students. When a doctoral program indicates that they provide full funding to their PhD students, in most cases this means they provide each admitted student full tuition and a stipend for living expenses for the four to six year duration of the student’s doctoral studies. Not all universities provide full funding to their doctoral students, which is why I recommend researching the financial aid offerings of all the potential PhD programs in your academic field, including small and lesser-known schools both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Drexel University, School of Education, PhD in Education & Educational Leadership (Philadelphia, PA): Drexel University provides tuition remission, a living stipend and health insurance subsidies through research and teaching assistantships.

Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, PhD in Education (Cambridge, MA): Harvard provides full financial support for PhD students for all five years of the program.

New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development (New York, NY): NYU Steinhardt awards all students (including international students) who are offered full-time admission to our PhD programs a full funding and mentoring package.

Queen’s University, School of Graduate Studies, PhD in Education (Ontario, Canada): Queen’s guarantees a minimum funding package currently valued at $18,000 [CAD] per year for fours years for full-time doctoral students; in most cases, funding packages are higher (2011-12 average: $25,800). In addition, Queen’s guarantees an international tuition award (or equivalent award) valued at $5,000 per year for four years for eligible international doctoral students.

University of California Irvine, PhD in Education (Irvine, CA): Effective 2015, all incoming UC Irvine PhD in Education students, including California residents, non-residents, and international students, are offered five years of financial support. Funding includes an academic year stipend or salary, tuition and Student Services Fee waiver, and student health insurance.

University of Colorado, School of Education (Boulder, CO): Admitted doctoral students received four-year funding packages including a stipend and a tuition grant equal to the cost of tuition (in-state and out-of-state).  

For application tips on applying to a PhD program, see How To Get Into a Fully Funded PhD Program: Contacting Potential PhD Advisors.

Find more graduate fellowships for doctoral study and dissertation research in ProFellow’s fellowships database.

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62 thoughts on “Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education”

  1. Thank you so much for compiling this useful information. Finally a resource that cuts out the fat and leans right into the meat of the information!

  2. Now I am doing Master in Marketing & Management from India Pune University.
    So I have dream that I want do PhD in Retail which is in the abroad and I am unable do that due to fund so I need guidance of fully funded PhD program.

  3. I am Binod k.c from Nepal. I have a masters degree in management. I have an education of 17 years, can I apply for Phd or not. To apply for Phd I need the education of 18 years or I can study by 17 years. What percentage is needed in masters to apply for the Phd. I hope for the reply.

  4. I am a professional teacher and need to do my PhD on scholarship as i cannot foot the the fees


  6. I am Lekha Erandi,Lecturer in Mass communication ,Open University of Sri Lanka. I’m interested in the field of development communication, women and media and Environmental communication. For my post graduate studies, I did the research based on religious communication. Now I already submitted my MA thesis, it is based on communication for community development. Through study,I strongly believe that communication is the bridge to empower grass root people. My basic degree and post graduate programs were done locally. But as an academic I hope to explore my knowledge widely. and I hope to start my PHD studies in a foreign university as believe that explore would be more important to develop academic credentials.i would like to get some information about fully funded phd in mass communitarian.

  7. I hold Masters in Mathematics Education. Is it possible for me to get fully funding PhD in Mathematics Education to offer. Thank you.

  8. Now I am on the way o finishing M.A in educational leadership and management in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) university. I wish to continue PhD as soon as possible in abroad country…….Could you please help me?

  9. I have Masters in Educational management and I would like to do a PhD in the same field but I have no money.Help me get a scholarship.I will be grateful.Thank u.

  10. i want to do my phd in education.i have completed my master in education.
    But i need full funded scholarship.How is it possible?

  11. OK, BUT what is their application based acceptance rates? That is, how many valid applications do they get and how many applicants are then offered acceptance letters?

    1. My Directory of Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education, available at the link above, includes acceptance rates of the programs.

  12. I just applied to a PhD program at Drexel’s School of Education. Fully Funded co-horts are not available. It is $1100 per credit, plus fees…

  13. Very useful information you’ve presented here after scouring the internet for weeks. This term fully funded was the buzzword I was missing. Now to find fully funded PhD programs that can be done online with minimal residency so I don’t have to uproot my family and my current teaching load. Are there
    any online programs that are fully funded?

    1. Tracy, I have not been able to find any so far. Online programs are typically offered by for-profit universities. However, if you can find a 3-year PhD position that does not require the normal 2 years of course (typically you need to have a Master’s/postgraduate degree already to be eligible for these), you may not need to be in-resident. These programs are more common in Europe, Asia and Oceania. Thus you might spend some time abroad to get started, and then could complete your PhD dissertation remotely. This would require negotiation with your supervisors.

      1. Vicki Johnson, do you have any specific ideas for programs? I have a Master’s degree in English but looking into a doctoral program in International Education or similar. My background is teaching ESL and English.

    2. Try Colorado State University, their program is fairly new (10) but they have some online portion and a short residency program.

  14. Thank you for the information. I will be finished with my MAT (Biology ) in 2018 and am looking for a PhD program in Education. The program must be fully funded and in Maryland because I am a new Mom and my husband’s job is here in MD. I hope to find something so that we don’t have to move.

    1. Hi Taj, I would suggest looking into the university programs that are nearby you. You can call the admissions office to find out if they offer full funding packages to incoming doctoral students.

  15. I am looking for the right fellowship for an Ed.D. with a focus on training of teachers in developing countries. I am looking for the university already doing research in African countries. Can you give me any recommendations?

  16. Most of these fellowships sound like assistantships that waive tuition and provide a stipend in exchange for work. NSF gives out fellowships that amount to more than $100,000 for 3 years of study, plus you can work an assistantship. Stanford is making three fellowships each year with a total value of $160,000 for business students. Compared to Fellowships in Science and Technology, Education majors get almost nothing. Education is just not a national priority and is certainly not on an equal footing with STEM fields.

  17. Hi there. I’m looking for a fully-funded PhD degree in education in Australia or Canada. Is there any available? Your kind advice is highly appreciated.

  18. Good day. Any ideas about scholarship opportunity for Africans I to study
    in the UK apart form the Common wealth. I need a fully opportunity to
    carry out a PHD in a UK based uni in a Public health related topic that
    focuses on indigenous women reproductive health

  19. i will appreciate a fully funded on-line course Ed.D in early years/early childhood education.

  20. Good day. I like to have a PhD fully funded scholarship in Educational Technology and I will appreciate this if I could be directed to the right University. Thank you.

  21. Greetings.
    I am an experienced minority teacher with strong science and computer technology background. I look forward to a fully funded PhD program in “Educational Technology for the future” research studies. I believe I possess all the tools and an exceptional will to pursue my research in this direction. Any assistance in this direction will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi. I wanted to share that you do not need to enter a PhD program specifically in the subject of Educational Technology to do a PhD dissertation in this subject. You can do a dissertation in this subject in a general PhD in Education program. The key is to identify universities with professors who have done research in this subject who are availble serve as your advisor. You might also do a dissertation in this subject in Business PhD program.

      1. Hi:
        Thank you very much for your response regarding my request. I am a believer of STEAM not just STEM, and an interdisciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive immersive educational programs. I look forward to some kind of an educational foundation or an agency to hear about my proposal to develop a pilot program to implement a “comprehensive immersive educational system” with a strong technology foundation where Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts (including Philosophy) to achieve the maximum learning experience of young minds.

  22. Greetings.
    I appreciate your work here. I am interested in a fully funded PhD programme in Special Education. I shall be very appreciative of your anticipated kind gesture. Thanks

  23. I wish to study fully funded PhD program in Special Education ( especially in the field of autism). Is there any university is conducting this program.

  24. Hi,
    Looking for a fully funded Ph.D.in education in the Philadelphia area. Are there any? Seems like most listed are out of my state. Thank you.

  25. I am a Chemical Engineer (BS – Chemical Engineering) with an MBA in Project Leadership & Management, I have applied to George Washington University’s Distance & Online Doctorate Program – Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng) in Engineering Management. I am looking for scholarships & fellowships to enable foot the tuition fees. I am based in Nigeria

  26. Hello,

    My name is Katura Fennell and I am looking into any schools that will fully fund a doctoral program in the area of education. I am currently a teacher in Nashville TN and enrolled at Lipscomb University receiving my Ed.S in leadership, but really want to continue my education and help make a difference in the world of education. Any guidance or list of recent schools that will supply funding? I can be emailed at [email protected] with any information. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Katura, the list of fully funded Phd programs in Education above is current as of May 1, 2017. We also sell the exclusive Directory of Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education, which is a detailed directory of 22 universities in the U.S. and Canada offering full funding to all incoming students. You can purchase the Directory here: https://www.fullyfundedcourse.com/free-directory. Best of luck!

  27. Hello,
    Can I get some information on fully funded Ph.D program in IT and Computer science in US for an international student(Graduate in Information Assurance)? I can be emailed at [email protected] for extra information.
    Thank you.

  28. Hi, thanks for the wonderful info. I’m interested in a few different areas for a PHD that I don’t see listed: Buddhism, Comparative Religions, Psychology, Mythology or Stories (lit, film, poetry, all forms). Given that these subject are not exactly the cats’ meow in terms of financial opportunities afterwords, the study is a labor of love and philanthropy. Could there possibly be a school for me somewhere? I would do a part-time online program with an international university if needed too – I’m in Southern California.

  29. I’m a nurse educator in Singapore. Have been teaching in academic school and hospital for more than 10yrs. I have master of education from university of Sydney. How can I do a part time PhD in education which is fully funded? Please assist.

  30. I have a JD, a few credits short of a LLM (in Comparative Law), and a MA (in African-American World Studies). I have been working as a lawyer for a non-profit Public Interest firm for 12 years, but I want to get a PhD. I have a small family now (3,8 year old girls), so I need a PhD program that is fully funded. I am interested in “Justice” so I can pursue a PhD in either Law, African American Studies, or Education. I have been out of the scholarly environment for so long, I really don’t know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.

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